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The amount of time that I spend visiting blogs I love, and actively searching out new blogs to follow, is ridiculous. Some days it exceeds the amount of time I spend working on my own little spot. However, when it pays off, I get so HAPPY! Or, rather, for today, #HAPPY. Today I discovered Laura over at Life With Lolo, and her Wednesday link-up, #HASHTAGHUMPDAY. I dig it.


#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo


It turns out I’m a judgey person. As much as I believe in world peace and the beauty and value of all people, I have some opinions and keeping them in check just makes me… well, boring. However, I’m accepting of this part of my personality, and I’m of the belief that everyone is a little judgey, they just don’t like to admit it. I mean, be real for a minute. Can you imagine anyone watching the Bachelor and saying, “gosh, all those women seem so smart, well-adjusted and kind. I think we’d all be great friends!” Exactly. Also, when “confessing” of my judginess to a friend, her response was “Not judgey, honest.” – Susan Wallace (I told her I was going to quote her on it) #judgeymcjudgerson #notoriusRBGjudges #IjudgebecauseIlove



My attempts at progress through exercise are severely hindered by the rewards I give myself when I am progressing at exercise. Finally stepped on the scale this week and was down 1 pound. I know, I know, it’s not exactly dramatic, but it felt like a real step forward! I rewarded myself with a breakfast of Pop-Tarts and Tostitos for lunch with the majority of a tub of artichoke-jalepeno dip. And a bag of tomato-basil flavored crisps. And extra cookies on Girls Night. #myownworstenemy #iloveeating



I cried on Sunday. Big, ugly, noisy cry. I think we may have to find one of our furbabies a new home. I adopted Milton in January of 2009. When I adopted Milton, there were three other cats and three dogs living with my roommate and I. Later that year, Milton, one other cat and Ham (the dog) and I moved into my first house, and were a happy foursome. In 2012 we all moved in with the now-husband and his two cats. Yes, this is a LOT of cats. Everything was hunky-dunky until February of 2014. Still not sure what happened, exactly, but one morning Milton was just insanely terrified of all the other cats. No problem with the dog, but absolutely convinced the other cats were trying to kill him. Milton has no fight response, only flight. He gets super-anxious, hissing, spitting and growling and then he loses bladder control and pees, wherever he is. We’ve spent almost a full year trying to rehabilitate him, talking to vets and animal behaviorists. We’ve tried isolating him, putting him with just one of the other cats, offering food/treats as reward for good behavior, and he recently seemed to be making progress. However, over the last week he proved to us that he’s still miserable around the other cats. He loves the husband, Ham and I, but he’s so stressed and unhappy mingling that he has to live in the guest room, closed off from everyone else. It’s not fair to him. He deserves a fuller, happier life. And on Sunday it really hit me that we might have to let him go in order for him to have that happier life. It kills me. #sorrythatwassosad #poorfatMilton #allsuggestionsappreciated



Prior to the big ugly cry on Sunday I had smoked salmon benedict at First Watch. It was SO good that I almost ordered a second plate. Not only is it delicious, but it takes me back to champagne brunches at Angelina Ristorante in Chicago. Best brunch in the entire world. $21 (cash only) covers unlimited champagne beverages (including mimosas and bellinis) and one brunch item from their menu. I cannot tell you how many fantastic, blurry brunches I’ve had there with friends. Every single time is an epic day. The idea of spending every weekend at Angelina is almost enough to make me want to move back and suffer those looooooong, freezing cold winters. Seriously. That’s a reeaaally close call. #champagnebrunch #lifeisbetterwithbrunch #lifeisbetterwithabellini #Chicagoisthebestcityintheworld



My husband suggested we cancel cable. #thisishowitends #itwillkillme #whodidImarry



And there you have it, my life in a nutshell. Sorry. #mylifeinanutshell
  • Laura @ Life with Lolo
    January 28, 2015

    Yay! So glad you joined in! I find myself being super judgey too…it’s just human nature. I honestly would be at a lack of things to talk about with half my friends if we didn’t have that kind of judging going on. Poor kitty of yours. We are really lucky that our cat fell in love immediately with our dog and vice versa. My BF really wants to get a second dog but I’m worried it will be the same experience as Milton and our kitty would be scared of the new dog. Hopefully you can find a solution. The BF is ALSO suggesting to get rid of cable, and our DVR. SAY WHAT?! I don’t know how I’ll live.

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      January 29, 2015

      Thanks, Laura – while I’m not counting on it, I’m still hoping for a kitty miracle. And thanks for validating my judginess! I have a feeling we’d have a good time people watching together 🙂

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