Halloween costume quest 2014

I’ve been here before. It’s nearly the midpoint of October and I have yet to settle on what my Halloween costume will be. You may remember, from previous posts Costume Conundrum and Halloween Bash Report, that I hold an annual Halloween party – costumes required. While the event was briefly suspended due to wedding planning in 2013, it’s ba-ack and the lull just means expectations will be even higher this year!

CorpseBride2Although the official Halloween Bash didn’t happen last year, good friends managed to throw a great costume party to fill the void. I don’t have many photos from their fiesta, but went as Tim Buton’s Corpse Bride. I crafted the dress myself – complete with “ribs” showing through the bodice, nailed down a blue wig and attempted a blue-white makeup covering my face, arms and decolletage. Attempted being the key word. Admittedly, my choice of makeup was the least expensive option I could find at Goodwill, but my application likely could have used some help. Streaky and blotchy best describe the end result.

Every year, pop-culture sites like Buzzfeed are providing more lists of unique costumes for the masses. Which means that anyone who chooses something from one of those lists will absolutely NOT be unique. Example: Funny and Punny Group Costumes by Bustle. While it is an entertaining read, I’m not certain that the ideas are quite as epic as they’re touting. Also, Spice Girls? Going as the pop group Spice Girls is not only not unique, it’s overdone. They should have left that entry with the second Spice Girls photo (I won’t spoil it for you – click on the link).

Speaking of group costumes – the best group costume (which I’ve seen in person) was Snap, Crackle and Pop. Try to ignore the book-end beauties, they weren’t part of the Kellogg family. SnapCracklePop

So, once again, I’m racking my brain for a topical, humorous costume. While I’m not interested in dressing up as a Slutty [insert any occupation or noun here], I do want to look moderately appealing. I stretched myself a couple years ago and dressed as Tim Gunn for The Bash. Tim may be a handsome man, but in no way did I end up feeling attractive. Although my shirt, suit and tie were on point for overall style (I do think Tim would have approved of those pieces), the rest was a bit of a mess – and my shape does not translate in men’s clothing. I looked neither like a man, nor a woman dressed as a man. Anywho, the point is that I’m pretty sure male characters are off the table going forward.

While the brain percolates, I leave you with this final photo – the BEST Halloween costume I have ever seen. Ever. This guy wins at life. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.


Always accepting suggestions and inspiration! What will YOUR costume be this year?




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