Girls Weekend – St Pete Beach Staycation


This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend a Girls Weekend on the beach with a few of my closest friends. Although technically a Staycation, it still felt like a vacation. And sometimes that’s difficult when you already live in a place that most people think of as a vacation destination.

There’s a possibility that we thought the Girls Weekend would be slightly wilder than it actually was. I attribute that to each of us seriously needing some relaxation. We got it.

We stayed at Sirata Beach Resort on St Pete Beach in Florida. It wasn’t our first rodeo. We’d held a Bachelorette Weekend for two lovely ladies (both in attendance this past weekend) there in 2011. The beachfront of the Sirata, on the Gulf of Mexico, is expansive. They have three pools, three restaurants and several courtyards. They also have a massive inflatable slide on the beach, but Tradewinds has a bigger, better slide.

We ate mostly onsite, but also grabbed tasty, fresh sushi at Blue Fugu (best pork Shumai I’ve ever eaten), and had an exceptional brunch at Castile. The Stuffed French Toast Bites were delectable and decadent, but I was particularly pleased with the Blackout BLT, which has peppered bacon, Bloody Mary aioli, fried green tomato, pickled red onion, baby gem lettuce, and a fried egg on pumpernickel bread.

Normally, I would share photos with you. Of the adventures, yes, but mostly of the food. About that…

Prior to our vacation, someone made a joke about filming an episode of Bourbon & Bordeaux over the weekend. While I wasn’t convinced that it would happen, I wanted to be prepared. Cue loading up the car with cameras, lenses, tripods, etc. Now, Tall Guy suggested that we use a GoPro camera. I thought a GoPro sounded fun.

If you aren’t familiar with GoPro cameras, they’re the ones that extreme athletes take hurtling down mountains, falling out of airplanes and careening around racetracks. They’re ideal for these sort of activities because they are small and extremely lightweight. They can be clipped anywhere (with the appropriate mounting device). GoPro cameras do not have viewfinders. Or digital playback monitors. One must simply aim and hope to get it right.

I had never used a GoPro before, but was excited to try it out. So I did. Every time that I would normally have taken a photo, instead I pulled out the GoPro and took a short video.

Today, I watched those videos. They’re awful. Not because of the camera, but because of my inept use of the camera.

And so, unfortunately, my photo documentation of our weekend is relegated to two beautiful sunsets, our first round of drinks on Friday, and a picture of my back so that I could see exactly how sunburned I had gotten. While I assure you a good, relaxing, time was had by all, I only have these sunset and drink photos to prove it.






  • Alana
    August 26, 2015

    What a gorgeous view! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      August 26, 2015

      There’s not much better than sitting with friends, feet in the sand, wine in hand, watching a sunset you couldn’t have imagined before seeing it with your own eyes!

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