First time Stitch Fix success!

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Have you heard of Stitch Fix? It’s brilliant.

For the record, I’m about to gush over this company/service and I’m getting nothing in return. There is no sponsorship here, at all. No, I’m just that excited about Stitch Fix. 


Stitch Fix is an online company that employs a team of Personal Stylists available at your convenience. You visit their website, sign up and fill out your style profile – it includes not only your sizes, but what sort of fits you usually prefer, and then asks you to rate collections. Filling out your profile does NOT obligate you to spend any money, or request stylist services. Once you’re ready to schedule your first “Fix,” you log into your account and schedule it. Really schedule it. You set up the day that you want it to arrive on your doorstep. Amazing.

What is a “Fix?” One of the stylists will review your profile (and review any Pinterest boards that you have made available to them – just one more way to show the stylist exactly what you like) and choose five items tailored to you (and your budget!). You try them on in the comfort of your home, keep what you want and return the rest. Yes. It’s that easy.

There is a $20 stylist fee per Fix, but if you choose even one item from your Fix, the $20 fee is credited toward the cost of the item(s) you keep. Once you’ve decided what you want to add to your own wardrobe, you check out online and pay for those pieces. Bonuses? If you keep everything in your Fix – you save 25% on everything. THE WHOLE DURN THING! And if you don’t? Stitch Fix provides a pre-paid return envelope for those items.

I’ve just finished trying on and checking out my first Fix. My stylist, Adriana, NAILED IT.

Street Level – Juno small folded clutch

Street Level Juno Clutch

Soft as all get out, a cross-body gold chain tucked inside, two zipper-close pouches under the flap. Adriana chose this based on something I’d pinned on my Pinterest Stitch Fix board. If they made this in a larger size, I’d use it as a pillow.

Kut From The Kloth – Diana skinny jean

Kut From The Cloth Diana

Great color, great cut. Adriana noted that she thought these would be the “perfect ‘go-to’ pair of jeans” for me. She was right! Unfortunately, they were too big. They were the size that I’d entered in my style profile – so that’s on me, not Adriana or Stitch Fix. These jeans would absolutely become my go-to pair – hopefully she can scout out another size for me on a future Fix! (Note: if you’re thinking of requesting this pair from Stitch Fix, the company had them marked as Denna, not Diana. But all the Kut labels show Diana)

Market and Spruce – Xander short sleeve woven back sweatshirt

Market and Spruce fuschia

My unexpected favorite of the bunch. Soft, lightweight and a comfortable fit. Despite the illusion of being boxy on a hanger, it drapes beautifully on the body (you’ll just have to trust me). Also, this is exactly where I want my personal style to GO. It’s comfortable, but not overly casual. I’m all about bold color, and the fuchsia is not only fun, but a color that’s my current wardrobe lacks. And there’s just a bit of edge to the top. Favorite.

Market and Spruce – Alan French terry asymmetrical zip cardigan

Asymmetrical Cardigan

The image on the left is NOT The cardigan I received. It is the cardigan that Living in Yellow received in a previous Stitch Fix, and I was obsessed. This was the one item I truly hoped to receive. Since that cardigan was no longer available, Adriana chose the cardigan on the right. It is SO CLOSE to the style on the left that I wanted to love it. Fit, weight, everything were great. Except that zipper. I couldn’t get past it. Knowing that a better version exists in the world, I couldn’t come to grips with a backup. Again, not a Stitch Fix issue, just my fault for being stubborn.

Collective Concepts – Esten button-up sleeveless blouse

Collective Concepts Esten

This was an exact item that I’d pinned on my Stitch Fix board. Seriously. How amazing is Stitch Fix?

Sum up? Total success. While I didn’t end up keeping everything on this round, I’m convinced Adriana absolutely nailed it with everything she chose.

I highly recommend you try Stitch Fix – get started today, HERE!!!

  • Niki
    January 5, 2015

    Wow they were really dead on with what you wanted! That’s great! My first fix was so bad and so not me AT ALL that I swore I would never try it again. But after seeing yours and how well they listened to your preferences, I kind of want to check it out again!

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      January 5, 2015

      I’m so sad your first time wasn’t everything (or anything) you wanted! Give them another shot – maybe even request a stylist that you’ve seen do good work for other folks.

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