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Funny how my #HASHTAGHUMPDAY posts tend to have a life of their own. For example: when I began this post, I had absolutely no plan of mentioning cats. See how that turned out…

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Little known talent of mine: losing things. As a child, Mommy Dearest assumed that this was due to the state of my bedroom (crammed full of more crap than you can possibly imagine, none of which was visibly organized). In retrospect, there may have been a slight lack of method to my madness. Or perhaps several different methods, making it difficult to remember what items fell under which system. Periodically, Mommy Dearest would pass the points of tolerance and frustration and we – WE – would spend days – DAYS – cleaning my room. During one of these cleaning adventures we found a rather hefty check from my grandmother that I’d never cashed. Mommy Dearest was in no way amused. It became a turning point for me. #alwaysknowwherethemoneyis

Some might argue that time hasn’t changed me so much, but I disagree. Back to the losing of the things. About a week after our trip to Asheville (see what we ate, what we saw, where we hiked) I began looking for one of my pairs of eyeglasses.

I have two pair of prescription eyeglasses (one red, one purple) and one pair of prescription sunglasses. I use them strictly for driving, movies and sporting events. I prefer the red pair because they’re a lighter weight. I was certain I’d worn them driving to Asheville. I thought I remembered them in my car after we’d returned. And yet I couldn’t find them anywhere. Searched the car at least five times, went through all my purses, all the suitcases, every drawer I could think of, contacted the B&B in Asheville… nothing. I finally conceded that perhaps they’d fallen out of the car or I’d somehow accidentally thrown them away.

In the meantime, I was wearing the purple glasses when necessary. And then they disappeared. I’ve barely left home in the last few weeks, and when I have, the glasses haven’t gone with me. I KNOW they were here because I used them several times. Back to the car. Nothing. The purses. The drawers around the house. Nothing. Over the weekend I did a deep clean of our living room and our bedroom. NOTHING.

This begins to make me wonder about the red pair. Perhaps they’re not completely lost to the world, either. They’re just hiding out somewhere. And now they have company with the purple pair. Or the cats are finally making a stand. Starting a kitty rebellion. #thehouseiscleanerthanmychildhoodbedroom #Ijustwanttoseesometimes #thiswouldnotbeanappropriateMissUSAtalent

Not innocent cat love, purely reconnaissance


Super-cleaning the living room over the weekend included finally organizing our bookshelves. The boxes are finally gone, as are the wedding planning materials (yep, married in 2013), and it looks pretty durn good, if I do say so myself. I used to think I owned an excessive amount of books. However, we have shelves covering one entire wall (floor to nearly ceiling), and continuing just around a corner. A lot of shelves. Not as many books as I thought. #soIcanbuybooksnow #maybeIcouldbecomeacollector #acceptingreadingsuggestions
Wait a minute…


Something else I learned while cleaning the living room? The difference between what you think you want, as a homebuyer, and what you later realize was a horrible, horrible idea. With my first home, I learned that the number one item on that list is mature trees. Sure, they look good when you’re doing your walkthrough. That first fall season, on about the 11th oversized lawn-materials trash bag, you realize that those gorgeous, ginormous, oak trees are not your friends. #maturetreesdropleaves #notreesnoleaves #Ihadtobuyaleafblower
What the… is that cat using camouflage?


This weekend I found item number 2 on that list. French doors. We have two sets of French doors in our living room. Two sets. Four doors. Sixty panes of glass. One hundred and twenty sides of glass to clean. #canyouhireaFrenchdoorwindowcleaner #mynailsarewrecked #mycuticlesarewrecked #theglassisprobablyalreadycoveredinkittynoseandpawprints


So… does anyone want a cat? #totallynormalcats #totallynotplanninganything #butshouldgotoseparatehomesprobably


Hope your hump-day is hashtagtastic and free of animal uprisings!
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