Fear, florals and a Back to the Future Fail – Friday Link-Ups

Catching up on all my TV shows after vacation has been more difficult than I’d anticipated. In order to ensure some productivity, I’ve turned these missed shows into rewards for accomplishing things. The reward for this post? Project Runway. So, without further ado, join me and my favorite Friday link-ups – Oh, Hey Friday, High Five for Friday, and Friday Favorites (add’l links below) – for five of my favorite things from this week!


Favorite Quote

It’s a bitch of an obstacle.

Jack Canfield fear quote


Favorite Funny

It’s all about the Halloween costumes, people (as evidenced by yesterday’s Halloween costume post).

Halloween costume cartoon
To be fair, at least she wasn’t just another slutty fairy.


Favorite Dress I Didn’t Buy

A 12-hour drive back from North Carolina ended as I pulled into the garage at 4am last Saturday morning. On the schedule for that day? A wedding at 4pm that afternoon. And I didn’t have a dress.

After what was not nearly enough sleep, and a lunch to try and bring me back to life, I made a mad dash to TJMaxx with fingers crossed. In the end there were three great options. My ability to make a firm decision in that kind of sleep-deprived time crunch was essentially non-existent. I managed to count one dress out based entirely on the fact that it was the warmest of the three and took the other two home to decide at the very last minute.

As for the dress I opted to leave behind? A vintage look, neutral navy with bold fuschia flowers. It may be October, but an outdoor Florida wedding in that dress would have meant sweating buckets. It was the right decision, but I keep looking at the photo and wishing it could’ve been.

TJMaxx vintage style floral cocktail dressexact dress not available on TJMaxx website – similar/similar


Favorite Almost

Here we go, Cubbies, here we go! Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs for their Division Championship win. As for the results of the League series, I join in every other Cubs fan in saying,
I want to Doc Brown about this.


Favorite Song

Wild Horses by Bishop. In the imaginary soundtrack to my life this is my badass-walking-in-slow-motion music.


Friday Favorites via MeetAtTheBarre


Have a wonderful weekend, e’rybody!


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