OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis weekend included not one, but two late nights – neither of which were planned. On the second night, after dinner, several hours at a wine bar, and a cocktail at another bar, I made a decision. Knowing the tendency of people to make bold statements when inebriated, and never follow through, I decided that I would create accountability for myself. Perhaps you saw the tweet, with #drunksmart (a smart thought that occurs while drunk). The original, full length (not reduced to 140 characters or less) declaration was as follows:

Drunk statement for which I want sober accountability: going forward, I will only wear clothes that make me feel either hot or both comfortable AND cute.

You see, I was facing the bar dance floor. A group of guys and girls came in. The girls in the group weren’t overdressed, or abusing the most current trends, but they were dressed in cute outfits, and they each seemed to have a distinct style. It was a refreshing change from seeing packs of girls whose clothes, hair and makeup make them indistinguishable from one another. Did I love all their choices? No. The stone-wash high-waist buttcheek-baring shorts I could have done without. But they did work with the rest of the look, and I could appreciate the overall effect. It occurred to me that each of these women must have felt really great when they walked out their respective doors that night.

While I certainly aim to feel good about the way I’m dressed, there are occasions (more often than not) where I settle for “good enough” or “as good as it’s gonna get.” Seeing this group of expressively dressed women, I made a decision. From that moment on, I would only leave the house wearing things that make me feel awesome. I want to feel hot when I go out. Now, since there will be times when “hot” isn’t reasonable, I allowed for the option that sometimes comfort is more appropriate. But if I’m going for comfort, I want to feel cute, too. Confidence is key, people! It’s not about how other people view me, but how I feel when I walk out the door. And I want to feel fabulous.

McDMonopolyPiecesLess than 24 hours later I came to my first challenge. Adam and I were going to grab a quick dinner at McDonald’s. (I know, I know, but it’s McDonald’s Monopoly and we’re addicted to the game!) Normally, for a Sunday night fast food dinner I’d opt for some gym-style shorts, a t-shirt and casual flip-flops. After my #drunksmart announcement, that simply would not do. I chose tailored black shorts and looked longingly into my t-shirt drawer. Not even at the fitted t-shirts. The big, roomy, comfy tees. Forced myself to put on a fitted, but not tight, pink cotton scoop neck shirt with a bow detail on the neck. My feet went into my favorite pair of reef flip flops, then back out and into a pair of delicate dressy(er) flip flops with thin gold leather straps. Was I overdressed for McDonald’s? Oh yes. But I’d drawn my line in the sand and wasn’t giving up so quickly.

If I use this new standard, my wardrobe could change dramatically. I’m looking forward to reviewing my closet and purging the items that just won’t work. How great would it be to open your closet door and see ONLY things that you were excited to wear? Not just willing to wear, but excited?? It isn’t going to be easy, but this could be incredibly rewarding.

If you haven’t already made the decision to love your look every day, why not join me in the challenge? Tell me what you’re tossing out and what pieces make you feel best!

Wine photo credit: 27147 via photopin cc

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