Completed Bachelor Bracket

Here it is – my Season 19 Bachelor Bracket!

Bachelor Bracket - complete

As you can see, I did NOT do well in Week 1. However, that meant no additional narrowing until I got into week 4! (SO. Bad.)

I know what you’re thinking – why on Earth would I pick Tara to go so far? It’s like this: was she a hot mess at the first cocktail party? Yes. Should he have let her go based on the messiness? Yes. However – she did manage to make a great first impression, and it felt a lot less gimicky than say, a pig nose or a karaoke machine. (I have to believe the producers encourage this sort of behavior. It’s embarrassing that grown women do these things.)

Bachelor Gimmicks

Back to Tara. Prior to her personal train wreck, she seemed a lot more comfortable with herself than the majority of the women in the room. And a LOT less judgey. Assuming that she doesn’t always turn into a puddle of Tara every time she comes near alcohol, I’m kind-of rooting for the girl.¬†(I reserve the right to change my mind)

Tara Train Wreck

Cheers, Girl. Cheers.

Share your brackets with me! Let me know who you picked, and whether you’re already rooting for someone else. Good luck, BachelorNation!


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