Comparison, crying and hand cream – Friday Link-Ups

Ready for the long weekend, friends? Me, too! Squeezing it in at the eleventh hour (literally, it’s 11pm), I’m hanging out with my favorite Friday link-ups: Oh, Hey Friday, High Five for Friday, and Friday Favorites (add’l links below)!


Favorite Quote This Week

This one showed up on Instagram and spoke to my inner critic. Or, rather, tsk-tsked my inner critic. Thanks, ChampagneSupernova!

Don't Compare


Favorite Funny This Week

Love for The Big Bang Theory, a short patience for stupidity and the fact that I’ve been struggling with tears, myself, all made this particularly entertaining to me.

Sheldon Cries


Favorite Potential Purse This Week

While I’m still mourning the loss of my beloved black fringe bag, I’m also on the lookout for a comparable replacement. Many thanks to the folks who have sent me suggestions – great suggestions, at that. There are bags that are close, but nothing is exactly the same. So perhaps I need to branch out and embrace something with the same spirit, but isn’t a duplicate. That kind of thinking is what led me to this guy. Hellooooo, handsome!

Asos fringe bag

For only $63 at Asos, I might have to splurge on it. While it’s under review, I’m still accepting fringe purse options. Feel free to send them my way!


Favorite Product This Week

While everyone else is going on about fall (the cooler weather, the change in fashion, pumpkin spice blah blah blah…), my body seems to be in an opposing hemisphere. I’m Spring Cleaning. Among other rooms, “deep clean kitchen” was on my To-Do List for several days before I had enough time to tackle it.

Let’s talk about this kitchen, just briefly. When we purchased this house, we bought it for the bones. The house had been through an unfortunate few years and had been under the control of some extremely disgusting tenants. There are not words to describe the level of filth that covered, well, everything. My best description for the kitchen was that someone put worcestershire sauce and maple syrup in a blender, placed the blender in the center of the kitchen (sans lid, natch) and let it rip. Then, once everything was covered with dark, sticky goo, left the concoction there for about a decade. Underneath the gunk? Glorious 70s garishness.

Despite maintaining a healthy level of cleanliness, we haven’t had the opportunity to gut and rebuild the kitchen, yet, and every scrubbing seems to crumble away one more layer of crud. Cleaning the kitchen involves abrasive cleansers, bleaches, and the occasional Lime-Away. The kitchen now gleams, but my hands were a mess. Dry, peeling skin. Ripped cuticles. Even my nails were crapping out on me. Luckily, I’d recently received a sample of Neutrogena Hand Cream via Influenster.

Neutrogena Hand Cream was just the treat my hands needed. Immediately after applying the cream, my hands were smoother and more supple, moisturized and the cuticle issues seemed to completely disappear! Pros of the cream are the obvious and, more importantly, immediate improvement. The scent is light enough to be considered non-existent. Also important to note is that a little bit goes a long way. I use a dab about the size of one half of my pinky nails and it thoroughly treats both of my hands.

One side note: the cream isn’t exactly a cream. Not like you’re used to, anyhow. It’s more like a gel. And, unfortunately, the gel is rather greasy. It’s temporary – about five or ten minutes later and everything has been absorbed – but if you’re in the middle of typing at your computer, or drinking something, there will be smudges on your keyboard or glass.

Overall opinion? Worth it for temporary relief and improved appearance. Absolutely.

 Neutrogena Hand-Cream


Favorite Song This Week

Rescue by Yuna. “Yeah, she’s got a light in her face, she don’t need no rescue and she’s okay…”


Friday Favorites via MeetAtTheBarre


Have a wonderful weekend, e’rybody!


* My thanks to Neutrogena and Influenster for allowing me to try out Neutrogena Hand Cream. I received this product in exchange for my review of same. All of the viewpoints in this article are mine and an honest reflection of my experience and opinions.


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