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It’s December, officially the holiday season, and I’ve seen evidence that cold weather has hit the United States. Buffalo got 6 feet of snow in two days, friends posted on Facebook about commutes stretching from 30 minutes to 2 hours due to white-out conditions, and bloggers have been posting about cozy sweaters, scarves and jackets for months. Florida hasn’t quite gotten on board. Monday the high was over 80 degrees. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t wish I lived somewhere that frequently induces fear of frostbite. My feelings on winter weather isn’t the point of this post, though. Not exactly.

This holiday season my family is convening in Indiana. Hooray for family! Hooray for potentially seeing snow on Christmas day! This is all great! Until we look at a few of the logistics. On their own, the Midwest winter temps aren’t a problem. The problem is how to dress for the cold. Yes, I grew up in Cleveland. And yes, I lived in Chicago for many years. I’ve survived snowy winters more years than not. But at this point, fully entrenched in my southern beach climate… my wardrobe bottoms out at about 50 degrees. Last night I announced, to Adam, that I would have to go shopping for cold-weather wear. He responded with something about me going shopping every time I take a trip North, so I must still have some of those clothes, blah blah blah…

To be entirely fair, Adam is partly correct. There have been two trips to Chicago and one to Boston where I did pre-travel shop, specifically for cold weather clothes. However, the results from those shopping treks were not very successful. I believe there are only two items left, from any of those jaunts. One is a sweater that I bought IN Chicago (which Adam makes fun of ) and the other is a tank top. Yes. A tank top. I was layering! You see the problem. This time I’ve decided to do a little research (i.e. pre-shop online) in order to nail down what I might really like to own, rather than just purchasing items because they have long sleeves.

Voila! My Polyvore winter top collection!


Midwest Winter-bound



Something I learned while cultivating this collection: I lean strongly toward neutral solids (gray, tan) when looking at long-sleeve items. Also, many of my picks are a similar shape, overall. Is this because I’m so out of practice with winter items? Or is this actually a byproduct of the fact that the clothing is made to retain body heat? Either way, I’m open to inspiration and suggestion. I clearly need advice from people who endure months of cold – please offer both cold-weather wear stores and styles that you love – I need the help!!!

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