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All signs point to me coming down with a shopping spree.

You know that way that you can sense when you’re just starting to get sick? There’s that slight tickle in your throat, or a heaviness in your chest. Not exactly a pain, just an odd feeling that sends warning signals to your brain – slow down! We’re about to crash and burn!

Well, based on some telltale signs, I have a feeling I’m careening toward a shopping spree. There’s still time to pull out preventatives and thwart the virus, but since I’m not familiar with a shopping equivalent of Emergen-C, my wallet is in serious danger.

I’ve just scheduled a Stitch Fix (see my past successes here and here), but it’s not enough. All I want to do right now is shop online and, as usual, I’m seeking out sales. Here are some of the steals of deals that I’ve found:


Tops under $50!

I love a white top, whether it’s a tank, tee or button-down. There’s something very clean and classic about it. Also, I’m (apparently) craving some teal/turquoise/sea green in my life.


Pants under $50!

While we’re still enjoying beach/pool weather in Florida, I do know that my jean/pants selection is in need of some new staples. I feel like these could all be solid contenders.


Accessories under $25!

If I can’t curb this oncoming Spree, I may be in trouble. On the other hand, with prices like these… would that really be so bad?


This post does contain affiliate links, which means your clicks may help me snag some of the great items above – first on my list are those CJ by Cookie Johnson jeans!

  • Katie @ Cup of Tea Blog
    September 17, 2015

    Fall is my favorite time to go shopping! There are too many tempting things! Plus, there is all the summer stuff on sale. Win win! Great picks!

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      September 17, 2015

      Thanks, Katie! The “too many” tempting things is both a great thing… and a problem. I want ALL the things!

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