Bachelorette Kaitlyn: Finale Recap

Although I included my Bachelorette Finale (and After the Final Rose) Recap in my Friday Favorites post (published on Sunday), it seemed like a good idea to create a dedicated Bachelorette Recap post.

Also, it gives me another opportunity to advertise Bourbon & Bordeaux, and shameless self-promotion is not a problem for me right now.

What is Bourbon & Bordeaux? In the well-written words of Carrie, from Travel or Elsewhere;

If you are looking for sophisticated conversation about the nuances of drinking Bordeaux wines and bourbons and how to find them locally, then you really, really need to go somewhere else, because that is definitely not what we’ll be talking about. At all.


In our inaugural episode, we discuss topics of importance such as who is in Wayne’s World, 90s style, and why host Chris Harrison has never won an Emmy, all while discussing the finale of everyone’s favorite show to hate, The Bachelorette. Throw in a few references to The Notebook, Ted, and Pride and Prejudice, and well, that’s about the gist of it.


And Jake Ryan. We definitely touch on Jake Ryan.


I suggest pouring yourself a glass of something before you settle back and enjoy the show. Be sure to watch through the credits, where strange things happen. And if you want to see the next episode, which I’m sure will be equally as riveting, then please subscribe to our channel on YouTube.

And now, the Bachelorette Finale Recap!



I hope you love it!

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