Bachelorette Kaitlyn: Episode 9 Recap

How are your Bachelorette Brackets? Mine is a fail. To recap, my final three were Shawn, Josh and Jared. Shawn is the only bachelor still in play, and by the end of Episode 9, both Shawn and Nick seem to have put themselves on track for going down in flames.

Let me get you up to speed with a complete Episode 9 Recap.

We start with Kaitlyn talking about what a rough week she’s had, and how she’s still sad about saying goodbye to Cupcake Chris. Then Ben appears on the horizon and they have a one-on-one date. It occurs to me that I have no idea where they are in the grand scheme of things. Was there a rose ceremony somewhere? Are we halfway between ceremonies? Is she just going on dates and forgoing the roses? It’s all very confusing. Not interesting, per se, but definitely confusing.

They have a lovely date. Ben confesses to a deep fear of being unlovable. Kaitlyn assures him that he is lovable.

The next date involves Nick, Shawn and Kentucky Joe. Kaitlyn almost tells Shawn about being intimate with Nick, but they’re interrupted. By Nick, coincidentally.

Kaitlyn discloses to Nick that she has some guilt about their intimacy when she considers her other relationships.

Kentucky Joe tells Kaitlyn that he is not just falling in love with her, but he is totally in love with her. Kaitlyn tells him that she really needed for him to feel that, and share it with her, for her to realize that she didn’t feel the same way.

Kentucky Joe don't play that way

Kentucky Joe completely shuts down and throws up a wall. Fairly certain it’s a wall of pure ice. Kaitlyn is hurt by his reaction. I’m on Kentucky Joe’s side. While, yes, the show is about whittling away at the hordes of bachelors and, yes, hearts will be broken, that was a rough blow. Considering how she encouraged him and strung him along last week, he couldn’t have seen this coming. Also, at one point he shows a little vulnerability and asks her what he’s supposed to do. Instead of recognizing the emotional sword she just threw into his chest, she tries to tell him which way is the exit.

He has definite Bachelor potential. Just tone down the hair a little bit. Take off the top inch or two.

She sends Nick back to the other boys and asks Shawn to spend the evening with her. Little does he know that it’s now his turn for a massive blow. She tells him she slept with Nick. He struggles, hates it and decides he’ll try to work past it because he feels so strongly for Kaitlyn. All this while still with Kaitlyn. Once he’s had some time to himself, time to think, he is no longer certain he wants to move forward.

There is a rose ceremony without a cocktail party. Kaitlyn is going to offer the first rose to Shawn, but he asks to speak with her before accepting. He goes over his feelings and concerns again, and then decides (again) he can work through it. Kaitlyn does give him the rose, he does accept, but neither look truly at peace with it.

Shawn and Kaitlyn not so excited

Ben gets a rose. And then… Nick gets the last rose.

What the WHAT??? She’s letting JARED go? If she’s watching these episodes back, she has to be kicking herself right now. Jared was the most honest, supportive, trusting, mature, fun-loving guy she had around. They had insane fun together AND great chemistry.

Poor Jared

Notable – he was never vindictive or shady about the other guys. One of the few. The Nick/Shawn drama is messing with her head, and I really think she’ll regret the Jared decision in the future.

Jared has GREAT Bachelor potential. If he just tidies up those damn cheeks.

Next up are the one-on-one Fantasy Suite dates. Nick is first. They “wander” into a Catholic church and Nick tells Kaitlyn that his first confession was about touching himself. Kaitlyn thinks that their time in the church showed Nick’s sweet side. At dinner he begins trash-talking one of the other bachelors, initially without specifying his victim. When he divulges that it’s Shawn, Kaitlyn is not pleased. She wonders, aloud, why everyone came to her about Nick, but no-one came to her about Shawn. Good question, Kaitlyn. Let’s ponder on that, shall we? No? You’d rather just head to bed with Nick? Okay. At one point during their date, in a voice-over, she also considered that possibly her attraction to Nick might be nothing more than chemistry/lust. Hmmm. I wonder.

Shawn decides he can’t handle his conflicting emotions and decides to confront Nick. Shawn starts off by telling Nick that he just wants to be honest with him. Then he explains how he thinks Nick is a complete ass and isn’t truly there for Kaitlyn. He suggests that Nick may just be doing reputation damage repair.

Admittedly, that specific thought hadn’t occurred to me. However, it makes a lot more sense than Nick just being in it for fame. In fact, this makes me think of Ben’s fear of being unlovable. Perhaps Nick is fearing that his antics on Andi’s season have made him unlovable and doomed all future relationships. He’s in it to reinvent himself as a hopeless romantic who will do anything for love.

Excellent point, Shawn. Touché.

Oh, and then ABC cut the argument between Nick and Shawn and threw up the standard “To Be Continued…”

Is this season over, yet?



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  • Niki
    July 7, 2015

    I am having a harder and harder time watching this season! Ugh. I totally thought it was going to be down to Jared and Shawn. Although I still think Shawn is the one. And for the record, I HATE Nick. He’s so weasely.

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