Bachelorette Kaitlyn: Episode 6 Recap

Can you believe it’s already time for The Bachelorette Episode 6 Recap? How have there already been six episodes?? It’s just speculation, but maybe it seems like no time has passed because nothing interesting has happened. Yep, still not a fan of this season. However, I’m committed to these recaps (although a few have been tardy) and I’m not giving up now.

Episode 6 opens with Nick walking into the hotel suite where all the other bachelors have been talking about how much they dislike him. The bachelors are sitting on one side of the room, facing an empty couch. Naturally, just like in real life, Nick walks in, sits on that empty couch and suggests they (essentially) interview him.

Bachelorette Episode 6 Nick arrives

It’s obviously not at all orchestrated. There are a lot of awkward pauses. Josh and Shawn B. are the most upset by Nick’s addition to the show.

There is a rose ceremony and Kaitlyn sends Corey, Ryan and Jonathan home. She keeps Nick.

Kaitlyn takes Ben H. on the first one-on-one date. They learn to two-step and are promptly entered into a competition with locals who two-step on the regular. Dancing is compared to love and relationships. They do NOT win the competition. Kaitlyn has a great time, they work/dance well together, but Kaitlyn feels like Ben H. hasn’t been vulnerable enough. Cue the near-tears and Ben H. divulging details about his previous relationship. He is obviously uncomfortable. Kaitlyn loves it and rewards him with a rose.

Bachelorette Episode 6 rose Ben

The group date this week includes Nick and Josh. The guys are schooled – and I mean schooled – by 12-year old mariachi singer Sebastian de la Cruz. Sebastian is a phenomenal singer and, hands down, the most confident-without-being-cocky and charming man in the room. The bachelors must then write their own mariachi songs, which they will (of course) sing, in public, to Kaitlyn. Hey, remember the rap group date? Or the song-writing date on Chris Soules’ season of Bachelor? Sure, the mariachi garb is unique, but the rest of this date is tired. Nick uses the word “erection” in his song. Kaitlyn is impressed. No, really. That part wasn’t sarcastic. She was actually impressed.

During part two of the group date Josh loses his mind. He has Kaitlyn cut his hair. She butchers it. He confronts Nick. Nick is not phased. Josh pulls Kaitlyn aside and tells her that no-one likes, or trusts, Nick. She becomes distressed that the guys are lying to her by not telling her this. When he returns to the group he tells them he was being interviewed, instead of admitting he was talking to Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn returns and demands, in a group setting, in front of Nick, that they tell her if they actually hate Nick and don’t trust him. Silence. Josh, surprised, asks for someone to back him up. No-one will. It’s pathetic. Should she have expected anyone to ‘fess up? No, not in a group setting like that. Should they have hung Josh out to dry? Nope. Not a real man among them. Then she gives Nick the rose. Talk about backfiring…

Bachelorette Episode 6 Josh backfires

Shawn B. gets the second one-on-one date, which is kayaking around San Antonio. He speaks up for Josh and, in doing so, lets Kaitlyn know that he doesn’t like, or trust, Nick. Shawn then divulges a horror story about a car accident in which he nearly died. His eyes fill with tears and Kaitlyn is impressed. Then he tells her that he’s falling in love with her. She tells him that she feels the same way. She tells the camera that she feels like Shawn B. is going to be her husband. He gets a rose.

There is a montage of Ian discussing how wonderful he is and how, due to the repeated rejection of this experience, he has no interest in Kaitlyn. In fact, he no longer finds her attractive or interesting. He finds himself extremely attractive and interesting.

Per the new normal, we are treated to a portion of the next cocktail party. Kaitlyn takes Jared up to her hotel suite and they lay on her rose-petal covered bed. Jared tells her that he’s falling in love with her. She tells him that she’s very happy to hear that.

Ian pulls Kaitlyn aside and begins a monologue detailing what a catch she is and how unappealing he finds her. He sums it up by telling her that she is a “surface” person.

Bachelorette Episode 6 Ian calls Kaitlyn surface

And then ABC cuts the screen with their now-standard To Be Continued.

Will Josh make it through the next rose ceremony? Will Kaitlyn slap Ian? Will Nick continue sliming his way through? Does anyone care?


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