Bachelorette Kaitlyn: Episode 10 Recap

The Episode with The Red Dress.

My first introduction to The Red Dress was via text message. I was unable to watch Bachelorette live on Monday evening, but my buddy Susan texted me while she was watching.

“I think you should apply to be the stylist for the show. Her clothes are bad.”

“This red dress look is hideous.”

While I didn’t know the red dress, I agreed with Susan that a lot of Kaitlyn’s looks this season have been lackluster. Specifically the cocktail party gowns. However, I have a theory on why that is.

Kaitlyn has a great body. She is this tiny little dancer powerhouse. Despite being small, she’s still lean, as so many professional dancers are. She has curves, but that’s curves with a small c, not Curves. This is not a problem. Girlfriend is lucky to have such a bangin’ body. However, it is not the traditional Bachelorette body. She does not have the expected hourglass figure. She does not have an ample bosom to expose. I think that the stylists helping Kaitlyn are a little clueless on dressing her body. Or, rather, they found one style that works and refuse to mix it up.

Let’s go back in history for a moment.

It all began with a full-length, form-fitting, draping, sequined, high-neck, sleeveless gown in midnight blue.

Kaitlyn Episode 1 Blue High-Neck

My sincere apologies for the fuzzy images. Screen grabs, amIright? 

This dress was perfect for Kaitlyn. The fit, subtle shine and color (but not in-your-face color) were ideal. Well done, Kaitlyn and stylists! Well done, you! (Find the Badgley Mischka dress here)

Since Episodes 1 and 2 covered a single night, there were no costume changes. Bring on Episode 3.

Full-length, form-fitting, draping, sequined, high-neck, sleeveless… sound familiar? Color is now a dark silver, and we have an open back and side cut-outs. Wait – speaking of full-length, form-fitting, sequined and high-neck, silver… wasn’t that what she wore in the promo photos?

Kaitlyn Episode 3 Silver High-Neck Cut-Out Backless

Hmm. Hold on! Episode 3’s silver dress included a slit, guys! DIFFERENCE!

The rose ceremony on Episode 4 brings us Kaitlyn in a full-length, form-fitting, draping, high-neck, sleeveless gown, and an open back with side cut-outs covered in sheer fabric. From dark silver to black, and sequins are relegated to only a neckline and belt detail. New development: sheer panels in skirt. (Find the MacDuggal dress here)

Kaitlyn Episode 4 Black High-Neck Sheer Open Back

The following week the evening gown appears during a One-on-One date with Jared – no rose ceremony. Full-length, form-fitting, open back… CALL OFF THE DOGS! PLUNGING NECKLINE!! Still black and now we’re amping up the sheer factor on the sleeves and most of the skirt. (Also rumored to be a MacDuggal, although I can’t find an exact match)

Kaitlyn Episode 5 Black Plunging Backless Sheer

We’ve turned a corner! The neckline has CHANGED!

Until Episode 6, when Kaitlyn’s rose ceremony choice returns to full-length, form-fitting, draping, high-neck, sleeveless and even less back. Deep purple shows some innovation.

Kaitlyn Episode 6 Purple High-Neck Backless

Since the Episode 6 rose ceremony carried into Episode 7, there is NOT a new evening gown in Episode 7. Episode 8 rose ceremony?

Full-length, form-fitting, high-neck, sleeveless, open back and we’re bringing back the sheer factor. Also: black. (Another MacDuggal)

Kaitlyn Episode 8 Sheer Backless Black

After eight episodes of the full-length, form-fitting, high-neck rose ceremony dresses, Kaitlyn kills it in a silver minidress.

Kaitlyn Episode 9 Silver Mini Dress

Now, do I love this dress? Not really, no. It brings to mind a disco ball (in material, not shape). But this piece, this cut on Kaitlyn? Phenomenal! She’s an itty-bit, but putting her in the minidress lengthens her gorgeous dancing legs. The sweetheart neckline and structured bodice define and emphasize her delicate curves. (details for this Val Stefani dress here)

And now, The Red Dress.

Full-length, form-fitting, draping, sleeveless, backless gown. However! The plunging neckline is back and the dress is RED!

Kaitlyn Bachelorette Red Dress

I think the only real problems with this dress come from poor shot composition. When Kaitlyn is cut off directly at her waist, or just above, we don’t see the full lines of the dress, or her body, and she appears boxier than she actually is. This holds true from the front or the side. When her little waist is hidden, the dress loses something.

Kaitlyn Red Dress Missing Waist

All you need is just a reminder of that waistline and it’s back to showing off what an amazing figure Kaitlyn has. Also – let’s thank our heavens that Kaitlyn isn’t overly blessed in the chest. A neckline that dramatic just works better on a slight frame.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 6.19.39 PM

So that’s bad news to my buddy, Susan. I actually love this dress.

Red Dress Back

Also, I searched the interwebs for the dress, or something similar. The good news – I found it online at AQ/AQ!

There you have it – everything important that happened in Episode 10.

Oh, also Ben H got sent packing, Nick and Shawn still hate each other but both love Kaitlyn, Nick and Shawn’s families love Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn cries.

Episode 10 Recap complete!

How do you feel about The Red Dress?



  • Carry O.
    July 14, 2015

    Um. Yeah. I wanted to text you about this dress too. Also, she has horrible taste in men.

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      July 14, 2015

      But what were you going to SAY about the dress? Agree on the men thing. Rather, the “men” thing.

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