Bachelorette JoJo: Episode 8 Recap and Fashion

We are in the final stretch, people! Hometown dates, fantasy suites, The Men Tell All and then the finale! With only four suitors left this week, it’s crunch time and they’re all depending on their families to make good impressions on JoJo. Let’s start hometown hopping!

Round 1 of JoJo’s Tour of America starts in Highlands Ranch, Colorado to visit Chase and his family.

Bachelorette JoJo Episode 8 black white sweater pink shirt ColoradoLINE Montana Wrap Sweater – sold out / similar / similar
Bobeau June Lightweight Sweater / similar
black skinny jeans – unknown / similar / similar
Steve Madden Orabela boot / similar
* JoJo wore the Orabela boots to meet Chase’s parents. She wore leather boots on the  mountain – info unknown
BTB Jewelry The Marfa Necklace / similar tassel 

As they sit on a cliff in Daniels Park, Chase lets JoJo know that, due to the “very bad” divorce, she’ll be meeting his father and mother separately. He also admits that watching their divorce has caused him to build an emotional wall. Chase’s father, Doug, meets them at Chase’s home in Eastridge Village. The conversation is shockingly personal, with Chase asking his father why the marriage to his mother didn’t work. Doug worries about Chase, knowing that there is major heartbreak potential with three other men still in the picture, but is happy to see him happy.

JoJo and Chase head to dinner at his mother’s house with mom Sandy, stepfather Brad, sister Brittany, brother-in-law Ryan and nephew Everett. Sandy and JoJo seem to get along immediately. Sandy thinks JoJo has a spectacular laugh and JoJo can tell Sandy likes to have fun. In some private time Chase and Brittany discuss their mutual difficulty using the word love due to their experiences being hurt by people who were supposed to love them unconditionally. When Chase sits down with his mother, they both get teary. He wants her approval and she wants to know he’s confident and happy. Just before JoJo gets in the car to leave, Chase says “I’m falling in love with you, JoJo.”

For Round 2 JoJo heads to Chico, California to reunite with Jordan.

Bachelorette JoJo Episode 8 khaki olive jacket white jeans ChicoZara Safari Jacket / similar
Splendid Tank Top / similar
Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny Jeans / similar
Ash Ivana Suede Ankle Boots /similar (previously seen in Episode 6)

Although he lives in Nashville, Chico is where he grew up and his parents still live. Prior to meeting the parents, JoJo and Jordan visit his alma mater, Pleasant Valley Senior High School. There they “run into” his JV football coach and spend some time making out in the library. While chatting on the bleachers, JoJo tries to broach the subject of his brother, Aaron, and the fact that she won’t be meeting him. Without offering any further insight into the family rift, Jordan assures her that Aaron’s absence won’t be brought up or talked about.

Walking up to Jordan’s parents’ home, JoJo is extremely nervous. She meets mom Darla, father Ed, brother Luke and Luke’s girlfriend Lindsay. When JoJo sits down with Luke, she brings up Aaron and speculates that “Spicy Child” Jordan misses him a great deal. Luke agrees, says that he also misses him and wishes they could go back to being a family. Although it’s technically none of our business, have you ever wanted to know a story more in your life?? Also, Luke doesn’t use Aaron’s name, he calls him “my other brother” – what on Earth happened here?? Luke tells Jordan he just wants him to “be insanely happy,” considering all they’ve gone through as a family. They could not possibly talk more about something that they aren’t talking about. Ed acknowledges the strange environment of Bachelorette, as well as the media attention the family and Jordan have received outside of Bachelorette, but believes Jordan is too strong-willed to let the attention change him. Darla tells Jordan he’s “all lit up” and that she’s excited for him. In an interview clip Jordan says  he does wish he could have shared it with Aaron and that he misses him a great deal. Just before JoJo gets in the car to leave, Jordan says “I’m in love with you.” She responds that she’s scared things might change with him after the show is over. Ouch.

And on to Round 3! JoJo meets Chase in St. Augustine, Florida.

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They take a horse-drawn carriage ride through town. Once they’ve sat down for cocktails, JoJo tells him she has concerns about his last relationship not being completely over. He says he doesn’t miss his ex, Hope, “at all”, that she’s entirely in his past. I think that’s either unbelievably callous or a flat-out lie. Even if it ended badly and hadn’t felt right for a long time, you can’t spend four years with someone in any type of relationship without some emotional baggage to deal with. You can have moved on, but to imply there’s no lingering sentiments “at all”? I’m not buying it.

Dinner is in Jacksonville. Wait. Why were they in St. Augustine? It’s a gorgeous place – I’ve been. But it’s about an hour from Jacksonville and Chase doesn’t appear to live there. What’s the connection? Anywho, in Jacksonville, JoJo meets mom Holly, dad Robert (Coach), sister Grace, sister Katie and husband Tyler, brother Michael, and brother Patrick. Michael and Patrick think JoJo fits in with the family and say Robby’s body language about JoJo is clear. When Holly asks JoJo if she has any questions, JoJo asks whether, considering the recent breakup, Robby is truly ready for a new relationship. Holly says, “if it’s the real deal he’s going in with his whole heart.” Well, yes. IF. JoJo tells Holly that she’s falling in love with him. Then the bomb drops.

Holly lets Robby know that Hope’s roommate has been purporting (online and around town) that Robby broke up with Hope just to be on The Bachelorette. Angry and worried, Robby interrupts JoJo’s private time with his sisters and breaks the news. JoJo demands to know if there is any truth to the rumors. Robby insists things were over with Hope 9 months before he finally was able to end it, and that he hasn’t talked since a “blow-up fight where she slapped [him].” He tells JoJo he’s worried that this could put him at a disadvantage compared to other guys. Shouldn’t this be about JoJo and not the other guys? She tells him “I trust you.”

The final round, Round 4, takes place in Burnet, Texas. JoJo arrives to meet Luke wearing the cowboy boots he gave her the first night they met.

Bachelorette JoJo Episode 8 denim sleeveless shirt white shorts BurnetBebe Denim Sleeveless Shirt / similar
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Jules Vance JoJo Sparkle Lariat Necklace / similar

After a stroll through town, they head to a BBQ with mom Susie, dad Bill, sister Abbie, and 50 of his closest friends. Susie thinks JoJo thinks a lot of Luke. Bill thinks JoJo is engaging, friendly,  beautiful and great. Luke asks his father when he knew Susie was the one. Bill tells of a time that he was working a great deal and didn’t go to visit her. He missed her so much that he realized he couldn’t live without her. Cue all of American falling in love with Bill. Despite being impressed with JoJo, Bill does worry about the Bachelorette timeline and pressure associated with it.

After sitting down to eat with the parents, Luke’s sister and gramps, JoJo and Luke take a horseback ride together. They stop and sit on bales of hay built into a couch and talk. Luke tells JoJo, “I want the future… I want us.” A tear falls down her cheek and she says she wishes she had more time with him. Oh no. This is not a good sign. She implies she’s referring to their day together, but it feels like she’s speaking more to their entire relationship. He walks her down a candle-lined path to rose petals in the shape of a heart and tells her, “my heart is yours… all of it.” During this last portion, we’re treated to background music by Dan & Shay (who Luke and JoJo saw perform on Episode 4). Nothing wrong with it, but since – aside from actual performances – the show doesn’t use popular music, or music with lyrics, during any other portion of the show, you suddenly wonder what it means. Is Luke “The One?” Is this foreshadowing? Are Dan & Shay’s agents just insanely good?

At this point I notice there are fewer than 6 minutes left in the episode. That doesn’t seem like quite enough time to wrap things up…

Back in Los Angeles, California, each of the guys arrives for the Rose Ceremony at an airport hangar. The men who receive roses will immediately board the plane to head to the next location. JoJo arrives and tells Chris Harrison that she feels sick to her stomach.

Bachelorette JoJo Episode 8 blue matte sequin vneck gownJay Godfrey Boswyck gown – no longer available / similar in pink / similar
Cezua earrings – not found / similar

Via private interview with JoJo, we learn that she’s going to say goodbye to Luke. She picks up the first rose and Luke asks to speak with her. They step outside the hangar and he tells JoJo, “I’m in love with you.” She says that was the one thing he wanted to hear from him and thanks him for telling her. And then she panics. She’d wanted to hear that from him, but does it change the way she feels? Through tears she asks herself, “what do I do?”

And it’s To Be Continued. I knew that wasn’t enough time to get the full Rose Ceremony in! Dammit!

No new Bracket totals… will JoJo change her mind??


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