Bachelorette JoJo: Episode 7 Recap and Fashion

Episode 7 of The Bachelorette starts with Chris Harrison laying out the plan for the week. With only six guys remaining, there weill be three one-on-one dates and one group date. The one-on-one dates will not have roses, but the group date will. The four men that receive roses this week will be taking JoJo back home to meet the parents. With logistics sorted, they’re off to the Argentinian countryside. Almost. The first on-on-one will begin with the travel itself. Alex joins JoJo in a luxury SUV while the other guys are on a slightly fancier version of a schoolbus.

Bachelorette JoJo Episode 7 cream crop jacket black tank jeans black bootsEtoile Isabel Marant Ferris Jacket / similar / similar
Bobeau Racerback Keyhole Burnout Knit Tank / similar
McGuire Newton Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans / similar / similar
Aldo Bove Black Suede Block Heeled Over the Knee Boots – sold out / similar / similar
Robyn Rhodes JoJo Necklace / similar / similar 

JoJo is having trouble connecting with Alex romantically. Alex thinks JoJo needs to show more interest in him. This leads to an uncomfortably quiet car ride. Aside from the moment where Alex pretends he can freestyle. He can’t. It’s nicely paired with a clip of the other guys successfully rapping (while Chase beatboxes) on the bus. Don’t be fooled, they weren’t freestyling. You can see James T. mouthing the words when other people are rhyming.

Arriving at Estancia El Ombu de Areca, JoJo and Alex will get to be gauchos for the day. Alex gets dressed in traditional gaucho garb while JoJo opts for suede bellbottoms and $238 shirt (not so traditional).

Bachelorette JoJo Episode 7 white button down suede camel flare bell pantsMcGuire Denim Hideaway Long-Sleeve Shirt / similar
Frame Denim Le Flare de Francoise Suede Pants /similar / similar
Frye Laurie Zip Short boot (also seen in Episode 4) /similar / similar

While the other guys speculate that Alex could be on the chopping block, Alex and JoJo ride horses. They watch a true gaucho demonstrate the bond between gaucho and horse by bringing the horse to its knees, then its back, then spooning with it. Alex and JoJo then lay down with the horse and snuggle its neck. Alex tells her “I’m your goocho”. *sigh* Luckily, JoJo corrects his butchered pronunciation. 

As the other suitors arrive to Puesto Viejo Polo Club, Alex and JoJo sit down to dinner at El Ombu.

Bachelorette JoJo Episode 7 cream poncho cape green leather pants red bootsVince Wool-Cashmere Cape / similarsimilar
Alice + Olivia Lamb Leather Front-Zip Leggings / similar / similar
Kristen Cavallari Calissa Over the Knee Slouch Boot / similar 
Robyn Rhodes Brandie ring

Alex tells JoJo that “Today is confirmation that somehow I’m still here”. True. His being there is confirmation that he is there. (Can you tell I’m over this guy?) He then says, “I think I’m falling in love with you, I know I’m falling in love with you…[I] fell in love with you the second I saw you.” Well, which is it? Her face says everything, but she tells him that hearing he’s falling in love with her doesn’t make her as excited as she thinks she should feel. She doesn’t think she will get to that point and wants to say goodbye. He gets snippy and ceases eye contact. When she reaches for his arm he keeps it tucked close to his body. He allows her to hug him but pulls away quickly. Such an angry little man. 

The next morning, Jordan and JoJo hope on a Private jet to Mendoza. They walk through Entre Cielos vineyard, taste grapes and finally crush grapes with their feet (which just makes me think of I Love Lucy).

Bachelorette JoJo Episode 7 distressed black sweater cut off denim shortsdistressed black sweater – boutique in Buenos Aires / similar / similar
cut off denim shorts – exact unknown / similar / similar
Jules Vance Wishbone Necklace / similar / similar

Once they’ve tried glasses of the mush they head from grape tub to hot tub.

Bachelorette JoJo Episode 7 blue white stitch string bikiniGuria Beachwear Crochet Stitching Triangle Top in navy /similar (set)
Guria Beachwear Crochet Stitching Crunch Tie Side bikini in navy /similar top and bottom
(yes, she wore the same top in tangerine in Episode 5)

Jordan tells JoJo that he wants her to meet “mama”. Back at their casita, Chase implies Jordan has been getting into fights with guys in the house, although we’ve only really heard about the poker game with James T. The next date card arrives for Chase, James T. and Robby, who are all insanely sunburnt. This means the last one-on-one date will be for Luke.

At dinner Jordan confesses that he hasn’t taken a girl home to meet the family in years.

Bachelorette JoJo Episode 7 white lace satin slit skirtThe Kooples Contrast Lace Crepe Shirt / similar
ATM Anthony Thomas Mello Sparkle Zipper Skirt / similar
The Woods Fine Jewelry Diamond Spear Pendant – sold out / similar / similar

He also divulges that he doesn’t have real relationship with his brother Aaron and implies that perhaps it’s due to Aaron’s decisions and actions. In fact, Aaron doesn’t know Jordan is participating in The Bachelorette. He admits that for his whole life, he’s always felt like he’s never been good enough, particularly in football and when compared to Aaron. About their own relationship, JoJo says she thinks they’re on the same page, to which Jordan says “I am so in love with you.”

Due to weather, the original group date plan (whatever that may have been) is scrapped for a rainy-day slumber party at the Plaza Hotel Buenos Aires. It starts with James T. attempting to stuff an entire serving of french fries into his mouth. There is a massage train and games of Pictionary, charades, Who Am I? and Truth or Dare that sees Robby running through a hotel hallway in his undies. James T., feeling insecure, attempts to throw the other guys, specifically Robby, under the bus for checking out other girls in Argentina. He brings it up multiple times during the date. It seems about as week and petty as complaining about the card game disagreement.

JoJo takes a walk outside with Robby. Asking about his ex, he claims it was a negative situation and that his parents were always skeptical. Their break-up was the result of a massive fight just four months prior to his arrival for Bachelorette. Despite just months to get over a girlfriend of over three years, he says he’s “way past” that relationship and completely ready for JoJo. Chase is scared to tell JoJo that he loves her, but does manage to say that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. James T. bypasses how he feels about hometown week to ask about their relationship compared to that of the other guys. Specifically he thinks the other relationships might be more physical, which clearly worries him. JoJo tries to reassure him by telling him that they connect emotionally and are able to be themselves with one another. He tells her he’s falling in love with her. Robby gets the date rose and extra time with JoJo that seems to be entirely spent kissing.

Luke meets JoJo at stable for their one-on-one date.

Bachelorette JoJo Episode 7 blue plaid shirt black jeans brown bootsR13 Pin Stripe Blue Plaid shirt / similar
AG Denim jeans – exact unknown, likely: Prima Mid Rise Cigarette / similar
Rag & Bone Eva Belt / similar
Old Navy Buckled Boot – unavailable / similar / similar
Brooklyn Designs Monica Aqua Chalcedony Gold Necklace / similar

They saddle and ride horses together. While JoJo appears to know what she’s doing when fitting the horse’s saddle she asks numerous questions throughout their date that implies she is not actually a seasoned rider. They shoot skeet. Luke is a pro and a very good teacher, quickly coaching JoJo to a successful shot. Instead of heading to dinner with JoJo, Luke goes back to guys and announces that they’ll be heading straight into the Rose Ceremony that evening. 

Bachelorette JoJo Episode 7 black sequin cut out evening gownMac Duggal by Cassandra Stone 4332A / similar

Sticking around for one more week (in order of roses received):
Robby (date rose – increasingly giving out the creep vibe)
Luke (date rose – every woman’s sensitive cowboy fantasy)
Jordan (Aaron Rodgers’ brother, not Aaron Rodgers’ friend)
Chase (scared but sincere)

James T. and his guitar are sent home. JoJo tells him that he has made her a better person. She knows that he will make the perfect woman so happy. He says he hears that a lot. Poor guy.

Weekly  bracket score: 30. Total bracket score: 166. How did you do on Episode 6?


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