Bachelorette JoJo: Episode 5 Recap and Fashion

Episode 5 begins with JoJo’s suitors celebrating Chad’s departure by scattering his protein powder to the wind. And then Chad knocks on front door. Uncertainty abounds as Chad initially appears not to accept that he has, in fact, been given the boot. In an effort to force a real departure, Jordan offers a blanket apology to Chad for anything anyone may have done to offend him, then suggest Chad make an apology to the group in return. He doesn’t (shocker). Instead, Chad insists anything he did/said that they may have found offensive was because they put him into positions where he had no choice. Feeling protected by the group, Evan asks for money for his shirt. *sigh* Then, anticlimactically,  everyone just sort of walks away and Chad finally leaves. Alex returns and the celebration starts anew with the guys calling Alex a hero.

Finally we get to the Cocktail party.

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Chase and JoJo play in KnockerBalls. Robby and JoJo make wishes and throw coins into a fountain (Chad had JoJo wish on a coin in Episode 2, yawn) then they kiss in full view of everyone else (methinks Robby planned that). James F. shares a poem he wrote several weeks earlier. Alex interrupts, despite already having received a rose. Luke, who is also in possession of a rose, tries to interrupt Daniel. Luke tells JoJo he’s falling for her. Jordan, already with a rose, takes JoJo just around the corner from the other guys and pushes her into a corner to make out.

Wells realizes that the absence of a common enemy has changed the dynamic. While they were united in their hatred of Chad, they are now realizing that everyone is competition.

Sticking around for one more week (in order of roses received):
Luke (date rose – slow talker)
Jordan (date rose – frontrunner)
Alex (date rose – Slayer of the Dragon)
Derek (quiet threat)
Robby (fast love)
Chase (gaining ground)
Wells (non-meathead)
Grant (tall jaw)
Vinny (more likable every week)
James T. (guitar)
Evan (whiny)

James T. and Daniel were sent home. 

4th Rose Ceremony bracket score: 32. Total bracket score: 82

And they’re off to Punta del Este, Uruguay! We’re given clips of JoJo talking about trust, which means that things are about to get sketchy.

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The guys arrive at The Grand Hotel, where Evan marvels at a “360 degree” view of the ocean. *sigh* Only if the hotel were in the middle of the ocean would that be a possibility. And no, the hotel is not in the middle of the ocean. The first date card arrives and it’s a one-on-one for Jordan. For the first time, none of the other guys are happy for the recipient of a date card, and the snark begins…

Derek is skeptical of Jordan. Wells speculating that he is just “playing the game.” Everyone is unhappy that two group dates were football themed (although that’s not really Jordan’s fault, now, is it?). Vinny thinks Jordan’s demeanor shows he isn’t there for the right reasons.

JoJo and Jordan take a yacht ride to Isla de Lobos then jump into the water and swim with seals.

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Back at the house, Vinny gives haircuts and the guys read gossip mags. Wells reads Life & Style magazine, and Derek In Touch. An interview with JoJo’s ex-boyfriend Chad (not Raging Chad) in In Touch claims that JoJo was sneaking around with him, never loved Ben Higgins and broke up with Chad just to be on Bachelorette. For some reason the guys decide that JoJo may still be in love with this guy and wasting their time. Don’t these guys know these mags are all garbage? (Except Us. That shit is legit.) While they worry and wonder how to handle this major issue, a date card arrives for Luke, Derek, Chase, Evan, James T., Vinny, Grant, Wells and Alex for the next date. (That means the last date will be a one-on-one for Robby.)

On the way to dinner at Taberna Patxi, Jordan tells JoJo “I’m falling in love with you.”

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Once they’re seated, JoJo tells Jordan that she knows someone he dated and she’d been told there were trust issues in that relationship. He admits to “being in environments he shouldn’t have been” (so we can assume he was a flirt to an inappropriate degree), but says he never physically cheated. He assures JoJo that he is now ready to commit completely. They stumble onto some sort of celebration in the street. A very small number of fully clothed musicians, women in traditional dress and women in Carnivale-style skimpies are dancing. JoJo and Jordan stand in the middle of the tiny party and kiss.

Directly following the date JoJo is performing an interview and talking about what a great time she’s had when a producer hands her the In Touch magazine. Furious, and in tears, she goes to guys’ room to address it.

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She tells them that Chad treated her like shit and that she cares about them. They all conveniently forget that they’d believed it and doubted her, and offer supportive comments.

The group date is Sand Surfing at Valizas Sand Dunes.

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During a montage of wipeouts, we learn that Derek is dealing with major jealousy, but he believes that’s just evidence of how much he cares. During the evening portion of the date, Luke snags her first.

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James T. admits he read the article three times (why?), but doesn’t believe JoJo said anything of the things Chad claimed. Wells toasts the future, not the past. As the guys talk about general awkwardness of group dates Derek’s jealousy escalates. He interrupts Evan’s alone time with JoJo and tells her he’s having difficulty watching her date other guys. Then we get Alex declaring that he doesn’t like Derek. Alex thinks he’s calculated, jealous and insecure. (Perhaps he’s found his new enemy?) Alex tells JoJo how much better this is than texting and games, and that he can see himself falling in love with her. The Date Rose goes to Derek. Alex thinks he’s an insecure little bitch. (Perhaps he’s projecting?)

JoJo meets Robby for their one-on-one at Playa Brava.

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First she plays with a stray dog that is cuter and more genuine than Robby. Nice juxtaposition, ABC. After walking along the beach JoJo and Robby jump from rocks into the water (I’m not calling it cliff jumping, it didn’t look that high).

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Back at the hotel, Chase and Alex grill Derek about what he said to get the rose. Then Alex says “we don’t go around picking fights with people…” Isn’t that what Chad used to say? That he never started anything? Hmm…

Robby and JoJo reunite for dinner at Capi.

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He says he’s been thinking about telling her loving her for weeks. *screech* Wait, how many weeks? Haven’t they only known each other a few weeks? Robby then tells her that he recently lost his best friend in a car accident. It changed his outlook and he decided never to settle again. He quit his job, moved to a new city and ended a 3 1/2 year relationship. Then he tells her that he has fallen in love with her. While I become increasingly disenchanted with Robby JoJo takes him for a walk on the beach under fireworks. 

Cut to the guys gathering for the pre-Rose Ceremony cocktail party. Derek asks Robby, Chase, Jordan and Alex to join him outside for a moment. He tells them they’re coming off like a high-school clique and everyone is bothered by it. Jordan tells Derek that he’s being petty. Alex tells him he’s being “sensitive” (yep, if you’re thinking that’s something Chad used to say about the other guys, you’d be correct). Chase is generally unimpressed. When they return to the group, Luke asks what happened. Jordan asks the other guys if anyone has felt excluded. While no-one admits to feeling that way, Wells gives props to Derek for addressing a situation that made him uncomfortable. That’s when Chris Harrison arrives and announces that they’re skipping the cocktail party and heading straight into the Rose Ceremony.

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Alex panics. He thinks that if Derek stays and he leaves it’s a joke. (Yes, that time Evan got the date rose and Chad lost his mind, he asked if it was some sort of joke.) So perhaps Alex hasn’t found a new Chad to fight, he has actually become the new Chad.

Sticking around for one more week (in order of roses received):
Jordan (date rose – does he have a dark side?)
Derek (date rose – is he as bad as they think?)
Robby (date rose – increasingly slimy)
Luke (slow and steady could win the race)
Chase (starting to turn into a Mean Boy)
Alex (The New Chad)
James T. (guitar)
Wells (keeping the peace)

Heading home are Evan, Vinny and Grant.

5th Rose Ceremony  bracket score: 30. Total bracket score: 112. How did you do on Episode 5?


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