Bachelorette JoJo: Episode 4 Recap and Fashion

Without the usual lengthy preamble, I bring you the Recap of Episode 4, Part 2 of Chad’s Meltdown. In case you’re wondering how we got here, make sure to catch up with Episode 3, Part 1 of Chad’s Meltdown.

Appropriately prepped with the concept of Chad as consistently 10 seconds away from violence, we begin with Chad following up on Chris Harrison’s directive to make things right with the other guys in the mansion. Chad tells them “Generally I’m not here to start things with you guys.” Unimpressed, Wells speaks up and explains that he makes everyone feel uneasy. At James T.’s suggestion Chad agrees that if they treat him respectfully he will treat them respectfully.

JoJo arrives for the all-day pool party that is in place of the usual pre-Rose Ceremony cocktail party.

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She is greeted at the door by Chad. This makes sense because everyone else is outside and Chad is incapable of interaction with the group. There is a montage of skin and muscles as everyone strips down to their swimwear and drinks start flowing.

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During the fun, Evan gets a bloody nose. Because he’s Evan. In a private moment, JoJo jumps into Jordan’s arms and wraps her legs around him. Helloooo sexual tension. She tells Jordan that he makes her nervous, that maybe he’s too good to be true. He tells her it’s not an act.

A note. Her ombre hair color has looked great this season. But piled in a casual topknot, the gradation disappears and suddenly you think you’re staring at world’s worst roots. Is this always a problem with ombre?

Robby, who thus far has flown fairly well below the radar tells JoJo “it is happening. A lot faster than I thought it would.” That seems sudden. Unless, of course, he’s not talking about love…

JoJo calls Chad out on being an ass after Evan received the last date rose. He explains he couldn’t possibly understand what she would see in him if she is interested in Evan. Evan tells JoJo he’s not scared of Chad (which is a nice front, but also a big fat lie). Chad assumes all of the guys are talking about him during their private times with JoJo and conveniently overhears Derek (because he walks up behind them and eavesdrops) saying he doesn’t feel safe and that Chad is the reason there’s a new security guy. Chad then watches them kiss. Yeah, that’s not creepy.

Chris Harrison shows up to pull JoJo away until the Rose Ceremony. Chad, who is missing from the group (as usual) appears and asks Derek to step into the hallway. Derek admits he is concerned and explains that everyone perceives Chad as being an unpredictable loose cannon who is only there to be on TV. Chad doesn’t take it well and tries to intimidate Derek. Despite some visible fear, Derek stands his ground, both literally and with his words. Also notable? He does it without whining (Evan) or gratuitously insulting Chad (Alex).

Just before walking into the Rose Ceremony JoJo tells Chris Harrison that she isn’t entirely certain what she is going to do.

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Sticking around for one more week (in order of roses received):

Chase (date rose – Yab Yum Yoga)
Evan (date rose – Anti-Chad Crusader when in a crowd)
James T (date rose – guitar)
Grant (firefighter)
Derek (standing up but staying cool)
Jordan (trouble opening up)
Luke (cowboy)
Robby (suddenly in love)
Wells (logic)
James F. (dark hair, flying low)
Vinny (no longer just “the drunk guy”)
Daniel (oblivious and inexplicable)
Alex (SMS)
Chad (loose cannon)

Christian, Ali and Nick were sent home.

JoJo tells the remaining suitors she’s looking forward to leaving the drama behind and announces they will be traveling to a surprise new location.

Surprise! It’s Nemacolin, Pennsylvania. Where? I grew up in Ohio and regularly visited Pennsylvania, but I’d never heard of it. Located in southwestern Pennsylvania on the Monongahela River, Nemacolin has a population under 1,000. The city should probably thank ABC for the uptick they’re about to see in tourism.

Everyone is staying at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, with the guys taking over Arden Estates. The first date card arrives and Luke is off for a One-on-One date!

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They travel through the woods on a dog sled. Only there is no snow and it’s not a sled. It’s more like a dunebuggy. A dogbuggy? Their destination is a wood-fired hot tub in the middle of the woods. Oh no! There’s no fire in the oven! Luke chops wood (can we be any more cliched?) and the two strip down to swimsuits.

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JoJo insists that the water is now TOO hot. Luke cradles JoJo above the hot tub and slowly eases her into the water. She wonders if he is too good to be true. (Wait, didn’t I already type that? Yep. Because she said the same thing about Jordan.)

Back at the house, Alex muses that the only thing worse than a two-on-one would be a two-on-one with Chad. Which is super-subtle foreshadowing. Separately, Chad muses that if, instead of hitting a door, he had hit someone’s head their head would have exploded. He is pleased with this thought.

A date card arrives for Derek, James T., Daniel, Chase, Wells, Vinny, James F., Evan, Grant, Jordan and Robby. Meaning the last date will be a two on one with Chad and Alex. Woah. I did NOT see that coming. Alex immediately starts talking trash to and about Chad. It’s not a good look. Yes, Chad is awful. But Alex isn’t exactly taking the high road.

Luke and JoJo meet for the second half of their date at The Supper Club.

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She wants to know why and how Luke is who he is. And by that, she wants to know why he has such a “relaxed confidence.” At 23 years old Luke was a lieutenant and platoon leader in Afghanistan. He talks about Jason, a friend and confidante who was killed in action. The loss taught Luke to reconnect with his emotions. Touched, JoJo no longer has any doubts about him and gives him the date rose. They head to a theater to see Dan & Shay perform. Well, sort of. They’re on a separate stage just in front of the musicians’ stage, sometimes dancing but mostly making out. And there’s an audience? And everyone in it is recording the smoochfest on cell phones. I assume a cell phone company has sponsored this portion of the show and wait for a close-up of the phone. It never comes. So that’s just… awkward…

For the group date, the Gateway Clipper Queen takes the guys to Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. There they meet quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Using a celebrity with a history of sexual assault allegations for a show whose main viewing base is women? Interesting choice… He brings out teammates Hines Ward and Brett Keisel. As the guys run drills, Ben asks JoJo to point out her favorite suitors. Whether we’re seeing the full list, or just the beneficiaries of selective editing, she mentions Chase, James T., Jordan and Evan. During drills James T. gets a cut over his right eye and is told he’ll need stitches. He postpones the stitches, has his head wrapped and gauze and heads back to the date.

At Arden Estates Chad says the only way to get someone to shut up is to hit them and blames Alex for everyone disliking him, calling Alex “Spokesman for Chad is an asshole.” Chad is an asshole, but he’s right. Alex is a running a nonstop anti-Chad campaign.

At Heinz Field the guys are split into two teams to play for the evening with JoJo. Evan puts eye black under one eye,  a headband at a slight tilt and admires himself in the mirror. Look, ma! I’m a real live football player! Jordan QBs for both teams, which works out well because no matter which team wins, he gets to spend the evening with JoJo. That seems fair. Evan gets another bloody nose and actually tries to lie about it. On the plus side, at least he isn’t whining. Derek makes a winning TD for his team with 6 seconds left. Jordan, Vinny, Robby, James T., and Evan have won the extra time with JoJo.

They regroup at Falling Rock at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. (FYI: Falling Rock is modeled in tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater home in Mill Rock, Pennsylvania, and that is totally worth a visit).

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During a little private time, JoJo promises Robby – who appears to be wearing flip flops? – that although he may not receive the next one-on-one date, they have ample time to get to know one another. He tells the camera that he is falling in love with her. They kiss. She kisses Derek. She kisses James T.’s stitches then his lips. JoJo tells Jordan she still has questions about him and the fact that that she cannot read him makes her nervous. He tells her he’s falling for her. They kiss. Robby thinks he’s getting the rose. Jordan gets it. Robby tells the camera that now he can’t just coast through the Rose Ceremony. Sounds pretty self-absorbed to me.

Back at the estate, the losing team, Luke, Alex and Chad are hanging out. Chad demands to know who has a problem with him. When nearly everyone raises their hand he tells him not to talk to him and calls Alex a “whiny little bitch.” Alex calls Chad “the most insecure person in the house.” Chad asks Alex to go outside (to fight). Then he asks Grant to go outside (to fight). Wells offers to be the voice of reason and Chad walks out.

The next morning, just before the two-on-one date begins, Chad eavesdrops from a doorway while the other guys chat. When he comments on something that was said Jordan asks him to join the conversation. And the Chad fuse is lit. He tells Jordan “you think I can’t find you, you think I won’t go out of my way to come to your house… you should be [scared].” Jordan is not intimidated. Per show protocol, the entire group of remaining suitors gathers before the date. Total silence. Everyone says goodbye to Alex with daps and bumps. No-one speaks to Chad.

The two take a helicopter ride to meet JoJo. She hands them backpacks and they begin hiking.

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At one point Chad and Alex each use small axes to unnecessarily chop branches off a fallen tree. Sitting on blankets by a creek, the threesome can’t even carry small talk. JoJo pulls Alex aside. While Alex tells her that doesn’t want their relationship to be about Chad, he recounts the threats Chad has made to others. To his credit, he doesn’t embellish any of the stories.

JoJo then pulls Chad aside. She tells him the things she likes and enjoys about him, but reminds him that she asked him to respect everyone and she’s just heard he threatened Jordan. Chad doesn’t deny it, but blames Jordan for pushing his buttons. When she tells him she’s disappointed he asks if she has a better suggestion than threatening violence. No, he actually asks that with complete sincerity. JoJo suggests “sitting down and having a conversation like an adult,” then walks away to pull herself together. Chad goes back to Alex and tells him “it’s just unfortunate that, like, I can’t like hurt you right now without getting in trouble.”

JoJo returns. With control she asks Chad whether he has threatened anyone in the house. He admits what he said to Jordan but doesn’t accept any blame, or even think he should be blamed for it. JoJo says, “I don’t think that the way that you behave and resort to violence is something that’s acceptable… I don’t want somebody that … thinks that physical violence is the way to solve things.” She immediately turns and offers the rose to Alex. They stand up, pick up their packs and bolt. They retire to a cabin and make out, although I feel like JoJo is more emotionally spent than truly attracted to Alex.

When the other guys learn Chad has been given the boot, they pop poppers and break out the champagne and hard liquor. In the woods, Chad says he’s going to go find Alex.

And then Chad shows up at the front door of the guys’ digs.

To Be Continued…

This week’s bracket score: 22. Total bracket score: 50. How did you do on Episode 2?


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