Bachelorette JoJo: Episode 6 Recap and Fashion

Another week, another city.

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Having left Uruguay behind, Episode 6 brings us to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Chris Harrison announces that there will be a group date, a one-on-one date and a two-on-one date wherein one person will be sent home. Alex says “no mas, no good”. It definitely seems like he thinks that ‘no mas’ translates into ‘no good’. It doesn’t. It means ‘no more’.  

Shortly after arriving at the Alvear Palace Hotel the first date card arrives for Wells. The card reads “Bésame, bésame, bésame” (kiss me, kiss me, kiss me), which is a prompt to Wells because he’s the only guy who hasn’t kissed JoJo yet. Before JoJo even arrives to pick him up, Wells is feeling the pressure. They head to Centro Cultural Recoleta to see portions of Fuerza Bruta (Brute Force), a show of performance art which proposes to “[u]se all available means to operate effectively on the sensitivity of the beholder”.

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Their experience begins with performers moving along the bottom of a pool suspended over Wells and JoJos’ heads. Despite clear openings from JoJo, Wells continues to wait for the perfect moment for their first kiss. They try their hands at a couple different pieces and end up in the suspended pool. FINALLY Wells goes in for the kiss. 

They regroup for dinner in an old mansion.

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Wells admits he started out a skeptic of the process. At JoJo’s query, Wells relates that his last relationship of approximately four years ended when he realized that they’d turned into best friends living together rather than a romantic couple. When Wells mentions that he thinks sparks will always fade in a relationship, JoJo is concerned. She believes that if you’re with the right person the passion will always be there. Given Wells’ skepticism of a fairytale love, and despite believing that time would continue to bolster their own relationship, JoJo is disenchanted. She tells him he’s incredible, but she doesn’t think they have what they need. She does not give him the rose and he is headed home. He’d make a good next Bachelor, assuming he didn’t wait until week 5 or 6 to break the physical barrier. JoJo worries that perhaps the Bachelorette process might not work for her. During this time a date card arrives for Luke, Robby, Jordan, James T. and Alex. The guys use their superior skills of deduction to determine that Derek and Chase will be on the two-on-one date. 

The group date starts in the La Boca District. JoJo is wearing the jeans from the SportsNation episode. Hey, I get it. They’re good jeans.

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The group shops, engages in a little street tango and finally ends up joining a pick-up football game (soccer football not American football). James T. is feeling insecure being around a bunch of beefcakes. However, when the guys perform penalty kicks for a kiss, he appears to be the only one who succeeds.

Gussied up, the evening portion of the date starts with Luke telling JoJo that he wants to know everything about her and to come back to Buenos Aires years from now with her.

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Back at the hotel, the final date card arrives. Chase is nervous. Derek is confident not only that he’ll make it through the date, but that he’ll be around for weeks to come. Oh, Derek. Saying things like that are almost like asking to be sent home.

James T. tells JoJo that during a card game with Jordan they disagreed over a rule. He says Jordan “shut [me] down… because he’s Jordan Rodgers”, and calls Jordan entitled. Let’s be honest. Even if Jordan IS entitled and a jerk, can we agree that a dispute over rules in a card game is a pretty stupid thing to stress over? And hardly solid evidence of entitlement? Not a good look, James. Naturally, JoJo questions Jordan about the “altercation” (Altercation? It was a disagreement in a card game!) He has a different take on the situation and insists that not only is he not entitled, but that it’s specifically something he is proud to not be. 

While Robby is chatting with JoJo (which is not shown), Jordan asks James T. whether he used the word entitlement to describe him. James T. pussyfoots, but finally admits to it. Jordan wants to know why James T. is defining his character over a poker game (a valid question) and says bringing it up was pathetic (a little unnecessary). JoJo’s time with Alex is also not shown. The date rose goes to Luke. No-one is happy and no-one is even bothering to try and fake it. 

For the final date, Chase and Derek meet JoJo at La Ventana Barrio de Tango.

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They first watch a three-person tango and then learn portions of it themselves. It is painful to watch. Not so much because of the tension of two guys fighting over a girl, more because their dancing is really quite bad. They head to rooftop dinner where JoJo takes time with Derek first.

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Derek tells her he felt the passion while dancing, JoJo says thank you. He tells her he’s falling for her, she says she appreciates it. These are not good signs, Derek. Chase admits to JoJo that he is scared but is having strong feelings for her. JoJo reminds him she’s been in his position before and regretted not being able to open up sooner. He says he sees a future with her, she says she needs validation as much as he does. While she insists she can see a future with both of them, Chase gets the rose. After Derek leaves, JoJo and Chase dance to a string quartet (and piano) that are later joined by Soledad Pastorutti singing Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.

At the pre-Rose Ceremony cocktail party Jordan tells JoJo that he wants to be in love and engaged at the end, that he wants to “do life” with her, and promises that he won’t let her down. Luke, confident with his rose, has light and comfortable alone time with JoJo. Alex admits he was upset he didn’t get group date rose. When JoJo tells Alex she doesn’t want him to feel behind, he responds with “it’s whatever.” Angry and then dismissive: great combo. James T. tells JoJo that he has fallen for her.

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And then it’s time for the Rose Ceremony. 

Sticking around for one more week (in order of roses received):
Luke (date rose – shmoopy overload)
Chase (date rose – needs to keep opening up)
Robby (still slimy)
Jordan (handling the haters)

With the final rose in her hands, JoJo leaves the building. She returns to the group empty handed, but Chris Harrison quickly brings in two roses, which JoJo hands out as follows:

Alex (angry little man)
James T. (bitter over a game)

Aside from Wells and Derek’s departures, no-one else is headed home this week. Instead of being pleased to still be around, Alex thinks that his (and James T.’s) roses were pity roses and he is not happy about it. Sounds a lot like a certain someone else (coughChadcough), doesn’t it?

5th Rose Ceremony  bracket score: 24. Total bracket score: 136. How did you do on Episode 6?


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