Bachelorette Bracket – my picks for Season 11

In case you missed the blank Bachelorette Bracket for Season 11, the corrected, empty, bracket is still available here.

However, with Episode 3 just a few short hours away, it’s time for me to reveal my completed bracket. First, a few important notes:

1. I accidentally advised that Shawn B. had been eliminated. Wrong. Shawn E. was eliminated in the first rose ceremony. B and E sound a lot alike. Particularly after three hours of television and wine to carry me through it (yes, my friends and I watched the first two episodes back to back). So, my apologies. Shawn E. is out and Shawn B. is in.

2. Just because I chose a bachelor to continue through the process doesn’t actually mean I’m rooting for them. I’m going on instinct of who I think woos OR weasels their way through.

3. You will note that I ADDED a bachelor in Week 4, Nick V. I have no knowledge of which episode he actually shows up, I’m just going on a hunch.

4. I know, I know, I picked the frontrunner as the eventual winner. Worried that I’ll be kicking myself for that later, but I just thought Kaitlyn and Ryan-Gosling-in-training had such a strong connection!

Completed Bachelorette Bracket

I’m dying to know who you guys picked and would love to hear your thoughts throughout the season. Last week I got a nice response on my episode recap, so I’m going to try that again this week – let me know if that’s something you’d like to see on the regular!

Good luck!!┬áMay the best bachelor… oh, who are we kidding. May the resulting couple last longer than a tank of gas!


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