Bachelorette Bracket – JoJo picked 17, not 16

If you’re using the Jeans & a Tank Top Bachelorette Bracket, and you’ve watched Episode 2 of The Bachelorette, you’ve noticed that while the Bracket had spaces for 16 men, JoJo actually gave out roses to 17 men. I’ve gotten some questions about it, and how that discrepancy will affect the rest of the Bracket, so here’s the scoop:

Why the Bracket number is different

I do my best to provide an accurate Bracket by checking multiple sources, and looking at past seasons, for the number of men (or women, during a Bachelor season) that will receive roses each week. The ultimate resource would be ABC Bachelor/ette representatives themselves. I have been in touch with ABC and have met some very helpful and lovely people, but they are unable to provide, confirm or deny Rose Ceremony totals in advance of the season.

There is one resource available that I do not use. Spoiler reports. While there are several sites that provide full spoilers for the entire season, and have shown remarkable accuracy in the past, I don’t visit them. Just like you, I’m playing the Bracket and watching along as the shows air.

How to score in light of the difference

You’ll score this week exactly as you would have had JoJo kept 16 men. You give yourself two points for each of the gentlemen you correctly predicted JoJo would pick. Since scoring is cumulative, and not based on percentages, the discrepancy between the bracket total and actual total won’t cause a problem.

And those recaps?

The recap for Episode 1 is actually still in the works. My travel has provided a few more difficulties in keeping on top of things than I’d anticipated. Between getting access to episodes themselves, and intermittent internet outside cities, there are logistical problems. Also, I’m doing way more exploring than I’d realized. It’s awesome, amazing and fabulous… and the days end much later than expected which means I’m collapsing into bed rather than sitting down with a computer.

Continued luck on your Brackets and let me know if you have any questions!


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