Bachelor Colton – Episode 4 Recap & Fashion

Episode 4 was a roller-coaster. In addition to the standard producer and editor-induced drama, there were some very revealing segments that changed my opinion about two of the women (albeit only very briefly for one of them), and an emotionally charged disclosure of one woman’s horrific sexual assault. It was a lot to take in, let alone in two hours. I’ll try to cover it all in the Bachelor Colton Episode 4 Recap.

We start with Hannah B. lamenting all the things Caelynn said about her, conveniently neglecting to mention all the things she said about Caelynn (which were mostly the same things). Then Chris Harrison shows up to talk to the women and calls Hannah B. “Caelynn”. Hannah continues griping (to Chris, in front of the group) about “things… that never should have been said”, and Caelynn (to camera, not the group) calls her a gnat.

Chris, not interested in dragging that out any further, announces that they will be no date today… because everyone’s going to Singapore! Everyone is excited – including Hannah G., despite not knowing where, exactly, Singapore is.

Cut to Colton walking around Singapore, which he describes as “amazing” because “it’s got the lights, the buildings…” (that could be Vegas, too). He muses on Hannah B. and Caelynn’s friction and notes that he really could care less so long as they stay out of each other’s hair and don’t fuck it up for him. The women raise their glasses at El Mero Mero for cocktails, then run around their suite at Fairmont Singapore.

Break to Colton’s selfie video, a trick they used in Episode 1 and I’d hoped wouldn’t resurface. He and Tayshia start their one-on-one date at Sentosa Beach. After a short walk on the sand they’re heading up to the top of AJ Hackett Sentosa for bungy jumping. She doesn’t necessarily have a fear of heights but doesn’t like falling, and he’s avoided anything that might have caused injury when football was his career. They really do seem so comfortable together. Both are equally freaked out, but trying not to freak out the other. Colton goes first and screams “like a little girl” according to Tayshia. After both are back on solid ground they return to the beach, strip down to swimsuits, and make out in the water as the sun sets.

In the evening, eating outdoors and surrounded by lanterns, Tayshia has a heavy subject to tackle. Colton praises her confidence and comforting presence, asking where it comes from Excellent segue! Turns out the Tayshia was married. Together about 6 years, her ex-husband was her first boyfriend. Having previously believed she would get married only once, the divorce taught her fearlessness. Colton assures her that he would never judge and says: “You know what you want, what you deserve, do what makes you happy.” Tayshia gets the date rose and they take a private ride on the Singapore Flyer ferris wheel.

When the group date card arrives it’s clear that the final one-on-one will go to Caelynn, which Hannah B. thinks is the most “hurtful result,” which implies that Colton is as wrapped up in the pageant drama as she is. Demi broadcasts her frustration that any more time is being invested in the diva drama. Caelynn takes it like a champ.

Hannah G., Elyse, Kirpa, Sydney, Heather, Onyeka, Tracy, Nicole, Demi, Courtney, Katie, Cassie and Hannah B. stroll through the streets of Singapore to meet Colton. This is when I learn that Katie is short and Elyse is tall. Totally had those women pegged the other directions. Significantly so. Demi is all over Colton and Courtney is complaining about it. The group gets leech therapy. A fortune teller says Cassie is Colton’s past life sister. They all sit down for adventurous BBQ. They try bullfrog, pig feet, eel and fish eyes.

Evening comes and Hannah B. snags him first, wanting to confirm he recognizes her noble character and get reassurance.

Bachelor Colton Episode 4 Hannah hot pink halter jumpsuitRamy Brook Paige in Lipstick (top) or Lori in Deep Fuschia (bottom) halter / Paige in black or white / similar / similar
Ramy Brook Iris Pant in Deep Fuschia polyester (top) and Iris Pant in Metallic Crepe / similar / similar
Skip the two-piece – here’s a similar jumpsuit!

He gives it, saying he got “his Hannah” back. He and Cassie figure if they were brother and sister, that it was a PAST life, so it’s cool.

Bachelor Colton Cassie halter maxi dress brown white stripeFaithfull the Brand Promenade Dress – Sorry, Sold Out / similar by FTB / similar style in floral

Katie gifts Colton with chopsticks (she has a matching pair). Hannah G. reads his palm (eye roll). Courtney tells the group, sans Colton, she’s “been waiting patiently and respectful to all the other girls,” painting herself as irrationally neglected when it’s more accurate to say that her own activity was a direct cause of a lack of interaction. Demi tells Courtney to get out of her own head. True.

Demi, in a rare genuine conversation, confesses to Colton about her mother’s time, and recent release from, prison. She acknowledges her mother may not be perfect, but she loves Demi and Demi loves her unconditionally.

Meanwhile, Courtney is STILL talking about not having time with Colton while making no move whatsoever to make time with him. She implies that she’s only avoiding doing something “shocking” and will continue to wait patiently. Because that’s been working so well. When yet another round of encouragement from Demi (endorsed by the other women) doesn’t get Courtney to make a move, Demi goes back for more time with Colton. This finally stirs Courtney… to confront Demi.


Courtney, using the most syrupy condescending tone ever seen on Bachelor or Bachelorette, asks “how old are you again?” and goes on in a very sad attempt to make herself feel better by trying to make Demi feel bad about herself. Demi’s pissed (legit) but still ends up with the date rose. Courtney, who never got time with Colton, walks off in tears. As Nicole comforts her, Courtney says “I’m sure he realizes… I should just go home.” Yeah. Probably not a bad idea at this point.

Caelynn’s one-on-one date begins in a chauffeured Bentley.

Bachelor Colton Episode 4 Caelynn blue ruffle peasant blouson short dressMisa Los Angeles Lillian Dress / similar / similar

Colton treats her to a shopping spree at Lisa Von Tang and enVie de Pois. Producers send her, arms akimbo with an excess number of shopping bags, back to the other girls. She’s directed to sit down with them and show off her new goodies. No-one is comfortable.

In a brand new gown, Caelynn meets Colton at Gardens by the Bay, which they have entirely to themselves for the evening. Caelynn tells Colton that she feels like herself with him, which she hasn’t felt in a long time. Then, with visible effort, she explains that she needs to have a conversation with him that has become a necessity in her relationships. She shares about a night four years prior when, during her sophomore year of college, she and friends were drugged and sexually assaulted. She shares some details of the assault and then talks through her reactions, feelings and struggle for justice. It’s gut-wrenching and devastating, and the way Caelynn talks through her experience is nothing short of outstanding. Her strength in pushing for the assailants to be held accountable, and addressing such a private, painful, part of her life in what is not just a date, but on a national stage, is impressive, humbling and inspiring.

Colton is respectful and supportive, acknowledging a past relationship with someone who had been a victim of abuse. This also leads to additional enlightenment on his own virginity, which is important and genuine, but also a little uncomfortable because we’re not just learning about him, but also his ex – and perhaps that was more than she’d intended for America to know. To be clear, I don’t think he should have refrained, but I’m wondering if there weren’t a better way for that to have been edited to potentially protect his ex.

Also worth noting: Colton says that knowing the pain an assault victim carries was the hardest thing he’s had to deal with, but then also felt as though he didn’t necessarily have a right to feel pain because he was not the victim. Caelynn validates his pain and explains – and this is important – rape and sexual assault affect not only the victim, but everyone in the victim’s life. She says, “everyone went through it with me.”

The date ends with them walking through the Garden of lights. The date rose isn’t shown (rare good decision, producers/editors), but their connection and relationship is solid, and Caelynn does receive the rose.

At the Rose Ceremony cocktail party Hannah G. has me seeing Barbie.

Bachelor Colton Episode 4 Hannah pink spaghetti strap slit dressLovers + Friends Skylar Dress in Bubble Gum – sorry, sold out / in Berry / similarsimilar

Colton takes her up to his hotel room, which “means a lot” to her. They talk about opening up and getting to know one another better. So they make out. Caelynn pulls Hannah B. aside to clear the air, suggesting they put the past in the past and support each other. They agree to move forward. Let’s see how that pans out.

Courtney tells the group, sans Colton of course, that people who don’t “deserve” to be there should leave. Implication being, of course, that she is deserving for successfully avoiding the man she’s meant to win over. Onyeka, in a Heather move, instigates by telling Demi that Courtney might talk to Colton about her. Demi pre-empts by telling Colton that Courtney is the “cancer of the house”, that Courtney attacked her, telling him not to waste any more time on her and lamenting that it’s killing her to talk about it all (it’s not). Courtney interrupts and, in her first one-on-one time with Colton, immediately announces that she isn’t doing well, specifically noting how, on the group date, Demi went to talk to Colton. Um, and?

Colton goes ahead and says Demi did just discuss Courtney and used the word attack and called her the “cancer of the house”. Courtney says everyone knows Demi’s not here for the right reasons. Colton points out that they’re both saying the same thing about the other. Courtney explains that she’s telling the truth. Yep. That clears it up.

Courtney returns to the women and asks who called her cancer of the house, thinking she’ll shock the other women, get them on her side and then dramatically reveal Demi’s shady behavior. But Demi admits it, proudly. They then just talk over each other for a while. Time for the Rose Ceremony!

Sticking around for one more week (in order of roses received):

Tayshia (date rose)
Demi (date rose)
Caelynn (date rose)
Hannah G. (Barbie)
Heather (Instigator #1)
Kirpa (still under the radar)
Hannah B. (pageant pouter)
Katie (chopsticks for sushi)
Elyse (taller than I thought)
Sydney (hanging in there)
Cassie (past life sister)
Nicole (comforting crazy)
Onyeka (instigator #2)

Going home: Courtney and Tracy. And lest we begin to warm up to Demi, she practically cheers as Courtney’s still leaving. Be happy, don’t gloat. It’s just not a good look.

This week’s bracket score: 40. Total bracket score: 111. Where do you stand this week?



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