Bachelor Ben H: The Women Tell All Recap

“All your favorite women from this season are here!”

As long as your favorites don’t include Breanne, Jackie, Jessica, Laura, Lauren “LB”, Lauren R., Maegen, Mandi or Samantha. However Tiara, and her chicken Sheila, are here.

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Over the course of the show Sheila gets more attention, and camera time, than several of the women.

Here’s the thing about The Women Tell All. The women never really “tell all.” In fact, major revelations or epiphanies rarely occur. This season is no different. It’s a mix of self-defense and accusations (mostly of bullying), but also some apologies. It starts with Leah.

Leah’s attempts to explain the drama she caused in Episode 6:

  • “I was devastated when I didn’t get that one-on-one…” (Explaining why she decided to badmouth Lauren to Ben)
  • “I did not feel that my conversation should be publicly discussed amongst the girls.” (Attempting to play the victim in the scenario)
  • “I didn’t intentionally lie, though…”
  • “Yeah.” (In response to Jamie saying “that’s a kid’s response… [you] omitted the information.”)
  • “…you had to go… put me into this position where I had to figure out whether I was going to openly discuss it with the girls … or lie … because I was trying to protect our relationship.” (Blaming Ben for her decision to lie to the other women)

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Leah does not apologize, but she claims that she has spoken with Lauren B. and that they’re “good.”

When Jubilee is in the spotlight, we learn that Jami has a bone to pick and it’s something that never aired. She claims Jubes referred to herself as the “real black girl,” and says she remains offended by the comment. Jubilee denies ever referring to herself as the “real” black girl, but later concedes, “I do, I do say something like, I’ll be like, ‘I’m full black’, but I don’t think that’s offensive. I’m full black.” And then, finally, “I do say offensive things sometimes. I’m sorry.” The sincerity of the apology is questioned by a few people, but Jami seems to finally accept it.

When Lace comes down to the hot seat she talks about how much she’s changed since being on the show. Both the experience and watching it back have taught her to watch her face: “The faces I made on TV, I’m aware of, like, when I make those faces, I watch my expressions, now,” and how she communicates: “I listen to people, more, instead of interrupting them all the time.” Speaking of interruptions… a man in the audience interjects to tell Lace she’s beautiful. So beautiful that he tattooed her face on his body. Oh, and he’d really like a photo with her. Chris Harrison makes a joke about needing better security, but you get the feeling he isn’t joking. He invites Lace to participate in Bachelor in Paradise. She accepts.

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Olivia tells Chris, “I own up to many things that I did wrong,” but then blames her attitude and demeanor during the show on (alternately) being an introvert, being bullied as a child and not having been given a manual on how to act correctly as a participant on Bachelor. Emily and Haley aren’t impressed. Amanda tells her that she offended a lot of people. Olivia apologizes to mothers at large, saying, “… it was just an insensitive, stupid thing to say and I would never intentionally, like, dig at someone…” Amanda graciously accepts the apology.

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While Caila does not spend her entire interview smiling (progress!), she is tempered and predictable. In describing how she felt when Ben said goodbye, and how she feels now, her only descriptor is “hard.”

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Ben comes out and tells the women how great they are. He states that he is incredibly happy with the woman that he has chosen and, if he could, he would marry her tomorrow. Bloopers are shown. We see clips from next week (the final episode!) and learn that he will tell at least one of the women (Lauren B. or JoJo) that he is also in love with the other.

How is your Bachelor Bracket faring? I picked Lauren B. as The One, and I’m rooting for her, but this is a tough call. I honestly have no idea who Ben is going to choose next week.

Two more things: One, the next Bachelorette was not announced. Two, loved Becca’s romper.

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See you next week!


  • chelsea jacobs
    March 13, 2016

    LOVED Becca’s romper!

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      March 14, 2016

      Right? SO fun! Discovering the details was great – discovering it was sold out everywhere, not so great.

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