Bachelor Ben H: Episode 6 Recap

Following last week’s cliff-hanger, episode 6 jumps in right where we left off. Directly before Rose Ceremony #5, Ben pulls Olivia aside to find out why everyone else is throwing shade.

As the other women speculate whether or not Ben will take back Olivia’s rose, Ben asks Olivia what she thinks about everyone hating on her. She says that getting the First Impression Rose put a target on her back. She explains that all the other women are into painting nails and doing hair, but that she likes reading books and thinking. She says, “I wanna talk smart things.”

Bachelor Olivia I wanna talk smart things

She isn’t surprised about the animosity because, as she explains, her confidence is intimidating. She tells him it’s okay because she can handle anything, then immediately turns on the fake tears. Ben must have bought it because he brings Olivia, and her rose, back to the group. Emily is pissed. Olivia continues to dab at her non-existent tears. She tells the camera, “come at me, bro.”

Time (finally!) for the fifth Rose Ceremony!

Sticking around for one more week:
Amanda (mom who isn’t taking Olivia’s sh*t)
Olivia (delusional and deceptive)
Lauren H. (the H stands for Happy)
Caila (crazy bubbling just under the surface)
Lauren B. (current frontrunner)
JoJo (competitor)
Becca (everyone’s favorite good girl)
Leah (the blond you don’t know)
Emily (remaining twin with a death-wish for Olivia)

Jennifer goes home. Jennifer is the brunette you didn’t know.

(Quick bracket tally – weekly: 35. Total: 139)

Moving right along, Ben and the remaining nine women (and a hefty crew of producers and camera-folk) are headed to Grand Isle Resort in Exuma, Bahamas. (Grand Isle has already updated their website’s home page and created a “Roses in Paradise” Bachelor themed package starting at $1399)

Amanda thinks Olivia has shown her true colors and hopes she gets sent home this week. Chris Harrison arrives to announce this week will consist of three dates, a one-on-one, a group date, and the dreaded two-on-one. Caila gets the first date, the one-on-one. Leah (the blond you don’t know) is pissed.

Ben takes Caila deep sea fishing. She feels like the luckiest girl in the world. She says she feels tense because she saw some unhappy faces when she left. She doesn’t actually appear to be very distressed. Back at the house, Leah is crying to Lauren H. and doesn’t think there’s any reason for her to be there. She thinks she looks like a total fool.

Caila and Ben are holding a large fish. The implication is that Caila has just reeled it in. I’m skeptical.

Ben wants to know all of Caila’s layers, below her bubbly demeanor. He’s looking for someone who can cry with him. At dinner, he asks whether she’s ready to be that someone to him? Caila says, “I feel like I love you, but I don’t know why I can’t share… maybe it’s just that I’m not ready.” She’s afraid that she can’t fall completely in love with someone and knowing he’s afraid of being unlovable, she worries about breaking his heart. She tells him, “It doesn’t feel right, it feels like I’m going to hurt you.”

Back at the hotel, the group card arrives. Leah’s name is the last on the group date card. She is not happy. This means that the two-on-one date will be Olivia and Emily. Olivia calls Emily young. Which is funny, since they’re both 23. Emily sees the date as a battle she’s fighting for everyone, because they all hate Olivia.

When Ben points out that Caila has, essentially, told him she is a) not ready, and b) will hurt him, she tries to change her position. She tells him that she has confused him (duh). She knows she’s falling in love because she feels like she’s being understood and she understands him in who he is as a person, and she feels like that’s what she wants in her life. She uses a lot of words, talks in circles and says “feel” a lot. While smiling. Ben tells her he has now seen an authentic side of her. She gets the rose.

Before the group date, Leah is a Negative Nancy. Ben and the women get on a boat, have drinks (and shots) and head toward an island. They will be swimming in the ocean. With pigs.

Bachelor pigs swimming Bahamas

Suddenly, all I want to do is swim with pigs.

On the date, with a bucket full of hot dogs (chicken based), everyone jumps in. There’s a lot of screaming.

Back at Grand Isle, Emily calls Haley. Haley’s advice, “be yourself,” and “…don’t come home unless it’s on a hometown date.”

On pig island, things get awkward. Everyone sees Ben “obsessing” over Lauren B. and start shutting down. JoJo walks away from Ben. Becca keeps her distance. Ben finally tells JoJo he’s uncomfortable. She admits she’s scared, but he tells her she gets it. He explains “it” by describing The Bachelor process, which seems like something that everyone probably gets… but who am I to say.

JoJo suggests Leah go after him. When Ben finally approaches her, she tears up. She explains she’s upset he gave Caila a second date when he hasn’t gotten to know her at all. He asks her to make the most of the rest of the day. Leah says yes to Ben, but tells the camera she just feels worse. Cue footage of rolling clouds and thunder.

At the group date cocktail party, Ben calls out Becca for being standoffish. She admits that watching his connection with Lauren B. put her in a weird frame of mind, but she really likes him.

Ben tells Amanda not to doubt that he likes her. She buys it.

Back at Grand Isle, Olivia thinks the upcoming two-on-one date will be like babysitting her daughter even though they’re the same age, but knows she’ll get the rose.

Leah snags Ben. She tells him there are women who aren’t being real with him. She talks about someone who is a different person with the women than with him. It appears as though she actually says Lauren B.’s name, but a quick rewind shows that was likely audio editing on the part of the producers. Leah referred to the person with whom Ben has the best chemistry. It’s quite possible she was referring to Olivia, but Ben assumed it was Lauren B. because that’s who he truly feels the most strongly for.

Lauren B. interrupts. Ben tells Lauren B. that someone indicated she was being inauthentic. She feels like she’s been genuine with him and doesn’t know how to respond. When she returns to the group she breaks into tears and tells the other women what happened. Leah tells Lauren B. that she didn’t say anything.

Now. While watching, I was as upset as everyone else in the Twitterverse. We thought Leah was being a big ol’ liar-pants. Again, rewatching the scene with Leah and Ben leads me to believe that she actually did not call out anyone by name, and it’s just as likely she was referring to Olivia as Lauren B.

The humidity is wreaking havoc on the girls’ hair.

Bachelor 20 Ben H Humid Hair Olivia Lauren B Monica

Amanda gets the date rose. Lauren B. is devastated.

Once all the women get back to Grand Isle, Lauren B., Amanda and Emily decide the trash-talker must have been Leah.

Leah decides to do something extreme in order to get a rose the following night. She sneaks out to make sure Ben believes what she said about someone being two-faced. The audio clearly indicates she’s talking about Lauren B., and wanting Lauren B. to be sent home. Listening a second time, it’s possible the audio has been manipulated, but it’s looking less likely.

After Ben invites her into his room, she begins with “I don’t want to talk about Lauren B…


Okay, I give. I give. She’s definitely trying to throw Lauren B. under the bus.

Leah tells Ben that there are situations where Lauren B. doesn’t seem to care as much as she leads Ben to believe. Leah sees something between Ben and herself. Ben doesn’t see it. He admits he’s never felt any more for her than the spark on the first night. He says it doesn’t feel right, it’s time to say goodbye, and offers to walk her out. She doesn’t understand and thinks Ben is confusing.

The two-on-one date begins with Olivia and Emily in the backseat of a car, in silence. I’m loving Emily’s bikini top. Fun and super flattering.

Bachelor 20 Emily fringe bikini topBikini Lab Fringe Ferdinand top – exact color sold out / different color / similar

They meet Ben on a dock and then suffer through a very choppy boat ride. Ben has questions about Olivia based on the last cocktail party and wants to spend time getting to know the new (post-twin) Emily.

The three arrive on a small island and sit on the beach being battered by gale-force winds. Ben pulls Olivia aside first. She tells him that the other women haven’t tried to get to know her, but that she’s grounded, confident, she likes news, politics and religions. “Deep intellectual things are just my jam,” she says.

Bachelor Ben H Olivia Deep intellectual things

She then tells Ben she’s in love with him.

Emily tells Ben she wants today to be the beginning of their journey, the turning point. She tells him she’s ready to fall and is just waiting for him. Ben fixes her windblown hair and tells her it’s been incredibly exciting to see her change and open up.

The three of them sit on the beach. Ben takes the rose and Olivia. Emily is heartbroken and can’t believe he’s giving the rose to Olivia.

But wait! Ben tells Olivia that he does not reciprocate her feelings. He cannot give her the rose.

Emily gets the date rose. I’m thrilled, but my bracket just took a serious hit. Olivia has to stand just down the beach and watch while Emily gets the rose, while Emily and Ben get back onto the boat and while that boat drives away. Wanh wanh.

Ben is exhausted and suddenly worried he won’t find love at the end of all this. The girls are also worried and look forward to talking with Ben during the cocktail party. Ben decides not to have the cocktail party.

Straight to the Rose Ceremony!

Sticking around for one more week:
Caila (smile covering crazy)
Amanda (mom)
Emily (fun remaining twin)
Becca (less like one of the women and more like the RA)
JoJo (in it to win it)
Lauren B. (still the clear frontrunner)

Along with Leah and Olivia’s departures, Lauren H. also goes home this week.

This week’s bracket score: 24. Total bracket score: 163. How did you do last night?


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