Bachelor Ben H: Episode 4 Recap

Like the last two weeks, the initial conversation/interview footage sets the tone for the entire episode. Caila states, “Olivia is coming from a place of confidence, she doesn’t care what the other women think.” Caila also addresses the second storyline, “Haley and Emily, I can’t tell them apart.”

Olivia says, “Ben is my man at this point. I’ve never been more sure.” (Confidence, check!)

Chris Harrison arrives at the mansion and tells the women to pack their bags. They go to Vegas. When they arrive, a massive digital display in front of Aria (where everyone will be staying) shows a message from Ben. “Ladies, I can’t wait to see you.” The women swoon and JoJo says “it was so romantic!” Really? A one-line vague blanket statement addressed to “ladies” is romantic? You do know that this whole shebang is run by ABC, right? And that Aria is getting beaucoup publicity from their name being on the sign with the totally generic message, right? Yeah. Super romantic.

The first Date card arrives with JoJo’s name on it. The most important thing in this clip is her nail polish color. Seriously, where can I find out what brand and color that is?

Bachelor Ben H JoJo taupe nails

Olivia says, “I’m not threatened by anyone… Ben is my peace… he is mine.” (Confidence has moved to cocky)

Note, she says Ben is her peace. Not her piece. Our watch group definitely required her follow-up comment of “I’m zen” to be clear on what she was actually saying.

The twins, walking in synch on a single treadmill, discuss how similar they are and recognize the need for a one-on-one (would that be a two-on-one? Or two one-on-ones?) in order for Ben to get to know their differences.

Olivia says, “I still believe that Ben and I have the strongest relationship. …other women… it doesn’t matter to me.”

Ben takes JoJo to a helipad. Their second helipad of the season. The girls watch from across the city as Ben and JoJo’s table of champagne is blown over by the helicopter, and then as Ben and JoJo kiss behind the overturned table.

Olivia says, “JoJo… he is going to just fall for her. I don’t know how anyone could, like, be okay with that.” (screech Wait, what? Where did the confidence go?)

Another date card arrives while JoJo and Ben are out. It includes all the remaining women except Becca, which means Becca gets the second one-on-one date this week.

Back to the first date, JoJo tells Ben she has trouble giving herself completely to another person because her last boyfriend was involved with someone else. Side note: Ben specifically asks if the guy cheated on her and she avoids responding directly, saying “I wasn’t the only person involved in [his] life.” What if he wasn’t cheating? What if he was married? She gets the date rose and they watch fireworks over the city.

The group date begins at Terry Fator’s theater. Fator, a ventriloquist, asks whether any of the women have a special talent. Not a single hand is raised. Wanh wanh. That’s going to make it tough for their upcoming talent show. The women are given a rack of costumes from which to choose. Lauren H. chooses a chicken suit, which just makes me like her more.

Bachelor Ben H Lauren H chicken costume

Olivia says, “I don’t get embarrassed by anything.” (Aaaand the confidence is back)

The talent show begins. The twins perform Irish dancing in Swiss dresses. Jubilee plays cello. Lauren B. juggles. Amanda hula hoops. Caila performs either belly or hula dancing. Rachel brings out balloon animals. Lauren H. sings a new version of B-I-N-G-O using R-O-S-E-rose. Leah tries to catch food in her mouth while jumping on a pogo stick. In a clown costume and full clown face-paint. Jennifer hits tennis balls through a hula hoop. Then a large cake is wheeled onto stage. The top opens and Olivia struggles out of it. Once she’s standing on the stage it is clear she has no idea what she’s doing. It is the most uncomfortably awkward “dance” ever. It’s not just that she can’t dance (and she can’t), but she is so obviously uncomfortable performing that it’s just painful to watch.

She should have used her talent of reading from a teleprompter.

What did Amber do? No-one knows. While she stands in a row with everyone else for a bow, she has not changed clothes and we never saw her perform. I guess she decided that going braless in a thin white top all day was talent enough.

And then Olivia implodes. She says she’s having a panic attack. Ugh. That’s SO last Bachelor season with Kelsey. She talks about how awful she was and how mortified Ben was.

At the post-show cocktail party Caila snags Ben, hops into his lap and plants her mouth on his face. Ben calls her “a sex panther.”

Anchorman Sex PantherCredit

Olivia says, “I’m really worried. I might be done tonight.” (Confidence completely gone)

Lauren H. and Ben spend some alone time with Ben and a Ben dummy.

Olivia, following Amber’s lead by going braless, grabs Ben. He tells her she was “great” in the show. She tells him that her act was outside of her comfort zone and that she is extremely embarrassed. And then Haley steals Ben. Olivia worries.

Lauren B. tells Ben she’s scared to fall for him.

While Emily is spending time with Ben, Olivia sneaks up and steals him. Emily is over it. Olivia asks Ben, “Can we start over?” Sound familiar? Yes. That’s what Lace kept telling Ben she wanted to do. RED FLAG! RED FLAG! He reassures her and they kiss.

The date rose goes to Lauren B.

Becca’s one-on-one date begins with the delivery of a wedding gown. She meets Ben at the Little White Chapel. He fakes a proposal and then they officiate several weddings together. Following that, the two head to The Neon Boneyard Park. They discuss how this season is different for Becca. She explains that she didn’t truly open herself up to Chris (Soules), but that she’s significantly emotionally invested in Ben. They discuss her virginity, his non-virginity and their shared values. They make impromptu vows to one another. She gets the date rose.

The next day there is a surprise last-minute date for the twins. Ben takes them to their mother’s house in Vegas (where they live). He meets their four dachshunds and visits their bedrooms.

Haley is embarrassed to realize there are two separate framed photos of her and an ex-boyfriend on display. She tells Ben it’s okay to treat them as individuals and that she understands he will have to pick just one of them at some point.

Emily and Ben lay on her bed. She tells him that it’s her understanding that their relationship is stronger than his relationship with her sister.

Ben talks with their mother and asks for insight on the twins. The four of them sit down together and Ben tells Haley that she will be staying home. Both girls cry. Haley tells us she’s thankful that Emily gets to continue the journey. I like these girls more every week.

(Do you think the other girls had to ask “which twin are you?” when Emily got back to the hotel?)

Pre-Rose Ceremony cocktail party! Olivia has intentions of stealing Ben away first (as per usual), but Jennifer beats her to it. Who? Jennifer. Totally flying under the radar. Olivia waits about ten beats and follows them.

Olivia says, “We didn’t progress last cocktail party and we need to move forward with each other tonight.” (Screw confidence, she’s going tactical)

She tells Ben that she was not herself this week (Hello, Lace), but that she’s confident in their relationship. Ben tells her to stop apologizing. She tells him that she’s completely falling for him. Apparently he grabbed her hands and smiled, which she interprets as him saying “I’m falling for you, too, Olivia.” She returns to the group and tells JoJo that not only did she reveal to Ben that she was falling for him, but that he reciprocated those feelings. JoJo panics. Olivia gloats.

Ben kisses Caila. Jubilee worries. Ben kisses Becca. Jubilee confesses to Ben that she’s scared. He reassures her.

Olivia says, “There’s no doubt in my mind. He’s mine.” (She’s ba-ack)

Time for the Rose Ceremony!

Sticking around for one more week (in order of roses received):
JoJo (date rose – tough)
Lauren B. (date rose – sweet)
Becca (date rose – good girl)
Amanda (mom)
Lauren H. (goofy)
Jubilee (insecure)
Emily (remaining twin)
Caila (Sex Panther)
Jennifer (the one you don’t know)
Leah (the other one you don’t know)
Olivia (losing her cool)

In addition to Haley’s early departure, Rachel and Amber were sent home. Amber falls to pieces, which is not at all shocking since she appears to be basing her self-worth on whether a Bachelor – any Bachelor – chooses her. Don’t worry, Amber, I’m sure you can try again on Bachelor in Paradise. For at least three seasons.

This week’s bracket score: 36. Total bracket score: 104. How did you do last night?


  • Evelina
    January 27, 2016

    I feel like I know exactly what’s happening in the show even though I don’t watch it! Did you see the SNL skit on the Bachelor? I thought it was hilarious!

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      January 27, 2016

      I had not seen the SNL skit but just watched it. Love that I called out Lace for being one of Cecily Strong’s previous SNL characters and that Cecily played the Bland Man version of Lace. Art imitating life imitating art. THANK YOU! Best laugh all day!

  • LIndsay
    January 27, 2016

    I personally have to question the well-being of anyone who tries to find love on a reality show, but, hey, what do I know? God bless them.

    • Jeans and a Tank Top
      January 27, 2016

      You and me both, sister.

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