Baby Shower Gift Trifecta

This is a fun little project that was entirely  my own brainchild. I first came up with the idea for my friend Allison’s baby shower in August of 2012. The other guests at the shower thought it was SO cute and several of the ladies told me they would be stealing the idea for future baby showers. Happy to have created something so successful, I gleefully encouraged  the replication of my little gem.

This past weekend, another dear friend (Kitty) received a baby shower and I got excited (frankly, too excited) to replicate the project. While doing so, I realized that I wanted to share the idea more widely and (selfishly) wanted to say “hey, this was MY great idea!” Thus, this post. My first How-To Post!

How-To: Baby Shower Gift Trifecta

Materials you’ll need:

  • 3 gift bags of a single size (any size)


  • colorful notecards (or construction paper)
  • sticker letters (or stencils and colorful markers)
  • double-sided tape* or other adhesive
  • colorful tissue paper
  • gift ribbon
  • sticker/card embellishments (optional)
  • baby shower gifts that fall into one of each of the following categories:
    • Care – something that involves actual care of the baby: bottles, pacifiers, receiving blanket, baby bathtub, etc.
    • Wear – something that the baby will wear (duh): onesies, pants, booties, etc.
    • Flair – something that is for the baby, but purely for fun: hairbows, sparkly tu-tu, baseball cap, etc.

Step 1:

Use a single notecard and apply letters spelling out “Baby Care.” Optional – add sticker/card embellishments to notecard. Repeat this step with second notecard, but spell out “Baby Wear.” Repeat again and spell out “Baby Flair.”

Step 1

Step 1

Step 2:

Apply the “Baby Care” notecard to one of the gift bags using double-sided tape*. Repeat this step with “Baby Wear” and “Baby Flair” notecards.

Step 2

Step 2

Step 3:

Wrap “Baby Care” gift in colorful tissue paper and place in “Baby Care” gift bag. Repeat this step with “Baby Wear” and “Baby Flair” gifts.


Step 3


complete bags

Step 3 (complete)

Step 4:

Place the gift bags in a triangular shape formation and bind together with gift ribbon.

Step 4

Step 4

Step 5 (optional):

Place a stuffed animal/toy/wubby (yes, I said wubby) over the top of the gift bag handles for decoration.

Step 5 - Trifecta complete!

Step 5 – Trifecta complete!

Cute, creative and super simple. Happy showering! Please share photos of your own Baby Shower Gift Trifecta creations and refinements!

* Note from the editor: double-sided tape is not a reliable adhesive for all types of notecards/gift bags. You will likely be more successful with glue or rubber cement.

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