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Asheville, North Carolina, gets rave reviews. Friends and family who have visited in the past can not stop going on about the beauty, the food, the vibe, the breweries… By the time we finally got around to visiting Asheville, I was prepared for a letdown. It couldn’t possibly as wonderful as all these people wanted me to believe.

Only it was.

Let’s start with the food, shall we?

One of the many (many, many, many) great (not good, great) meals we had was at Biscuit Head. Biscuit Head offers “breakfast, lunch and everything in between.” There are two locations, one on Haywood Street, in West Asheville, and one on Biltmore Avenue, in Asheville. We visited the latter. It was the morning of our friends’ wedding and we gathered with the groom, Tall Guy’s brother and his wife, and at least five other male friends of the groom. Many of these gentlemen were big guys. Big guys with big appetites and big expectations.

Biscuit Head Sign

It was a Saturday morning, sometime between 11am and noon, and there was a line trailing from the door. We were the last of the group to arrive, but our friends informed us that the line moved fairly quickly, and no-one was complaining.

While it’s my understanding that Biscuit Head often has a line, our friends were correct. It moved steadily. There were a number of small tables indoors and long picnic tables outside for eating. It’s my understanding that the staff works to move the line in accordance with table availability, so that no-one will end up with food but without a seat. The benefit of waiting is that you’re able to properly peruse the menu. It’s surprisingly extensive and everything sounds good. Biscuit Head also serves daily specials, noted on a sandwich board just outside their door.

Biscuit Head Biltmore Ave


Once you’ve made it into the restaurant, and placed your order, you’re given a number. You place it on your table and wait for your biscuits to arrive. But a note on the table numbers. On one side is a number, the definition of a cat head biscuit (which you will be eating, shortly) and a fun cat fact.

Biscuit Head Table Number


On the other side? A ridiculous cat photo. (Ridiculous in a good way)

Biscuit Head Cats Rizzoli and Isles

Since most of the people in our group ordered separately, our table had quite a collection of stands. It kept me thoroughly entertained while we waited for the good stuff to arrive.

I chose The Asheville Benedict – an open faced biscuit topped with charred scallion cream cheese, fresh tomatoes, 2 poached eggs, hollandaise and a tossed kale salad – a bowl of one of the bacon specials and a Bellini.

Biscuit Head Asheville Benedict

Ermahgerd. Not a kale fan, but these greens were delicious. Lightly dressed, fresh, the perfect accompaniment to the Benny. Admittedly, I ate the salad first. I have no doubt it would be just as good to eat as part of the Benedict. The rest of the flavors blended together beautifully. While a biscuit, and hollandaise, can be heavier items, somehow the final combination still seemed very light. The hollandaise had the perfect tanginess and the coolness of the cream cheese complimented the fresh tomato beautifully.

And that biscuit. Like a decadent, delicious cloud of heaven. Never in my life have I eaten a biscuit that delectable.

Here is the bacon (and my Bellini).

Biscuit Head Bacon Special

Take a look at some of the items our friends ordered!

Bacon & Gravy with sausage.

Biscuit Head Biscuit and Gravy Sausage

The Cajun Benedict – an open faced biscuit topped with creole mustard, local andouille, 2 poached eggs, hollandaise, roasted red peppers and scallions.

Biscuit Head Cajun Benedict

The Gravy Flight – diner’s choice of three gravies with a Biscuit Head biscuit.

Biscuit Head Gravy Flight

The word “fresh” came up several times while describing our brunch. That’s probably because Biscuit Head uses primarily local fare, not only as a true reflection of Asheville eating, but in keeping with their desire to enrich their own community directly. The owners are continually striving to create a direct farm-to-table program and work diligently towards a zero-waste facility.

Words will never fully describe the deliciousness that is a Biscuit Head biscuit. I implore you to visit and try one for yourself.

So, if you don’t live in Asheville… you better start planning a trip.


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