Anticlimactic Halloween Report

The camera charger/USB cord finally arrived! That’s the good news. Read on.

Consider yourself warned – the things of which I remembered taking pictures, and the things of which pictures were actually taken don’t exactly match up. So, a month later, what follows is a poorly documented recap of the Annual Halloween Bash. You have my apologies.

To start, the Annual Halloween Bash has shown itself to be on a cycle. Attendance is either phenomenal, or notably lackluster. The cycle predicted this year would be a smaller event, and it was. That made it no less spirited, and witness to the most creative and well-executed couples costume that we’ve seen! But first, food. Sensing a cozier group, I got it into my head that the eats should be more cocktail party style than drunken munchies. Cruising around Pinterest and Google I came up with a number of easy and festive dishes.

Candy Corn Jello Shots


These were my favorite! So Halloweeny! They were surprisingly easy, although a little time-intensive, since you have to wait for each layer to solidify before adding the next one. The recipe I used came from A Beautiful Mess – their suggestion to use Iced Cake flavored vodka was perfect. My only note – I used plastic shot cups and we did require toothpicks to loosen the finished shots from their container. I’m not sure if this would be a problem with shot glasses made of actual glass, or not. But it wouldn’t hurt to have some attractive colored toothpicks at the ready!





This has been a guilty indulgence since a co-worker introduced it to me about eight years ago. While I knew there weren’t any healthy components of the dish, this being the first time I’d viewed a list of the ingredents was a bit of a shock. Holy sugar rush! I followed directions from Oh, Nuts!, choosing to make one large vat of dirt, instead of multiple pudding cups.

Aaaand… that’s all of my food photos. There were also cookies, veggies, hummus, a Halloween snack mix, pulled pork sliders with savory sauce options, and more – but alas, no photographic proof of same. So, we move on to costumes! (At least, the costumes of which photos exist – *sigh*)

Barbie and Ken


Eighties Rocker and Groupie


Jack Black & White Swan

Jack Black and White Swan

And… the winner of the Annual Halloween Bash Costume Contest!


The truth is, I have no idea what this costume is actually is. He refused to define it, but the people still voted it the best costume of the night!

If you’re wondering about photos of my own costume… there are exactly three photos of Adam and I that night. They are all badly lit, and taken at the end of the party, so large parts of Adam’s costume had been discarded by that time.

As Cubs fans say, Wait ’til next year!



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