Cleveland - All In

Once again, a Tuesday will come and go without my Bachelorette Recap. Primarily because I have not yet watched the most recent episode. Last night was a very important Stanley Cup hockey game. It got priority over Bachelorette. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out the way I’d hoped and the Chicago Blackhawks won the Cup. No hating, but wish it could have been the Tampa Bay Lightning – good showing, Bolts.

As for today, the morning was spent saying goodbye to Asheville, North Carolina, and the rest of the day (until approximately an hour ago) I spent driving south. At that time, driving was put on hold for round two of Georgia Peach Cobbler at Crystal Beer Parlor in Savannah. Dinner, too, yes. But really the stop was for that Peach Cobbler. If you’ve been following my Instagram, you know that most of what I did on vacation was eat. It was fabulous. I’m certain that any good achieved through running and eating healthfully for the previous six weeks has been completely reversed. Totally worth it.

While I could watch The Bachelorette online while Tall Guy drives for the next few hours, there is an even more important game on tonight – Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors.

Go Cavs! ALL IN!

All In Lebron


And tomorrow we’ll be back to regular programming!


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