A young Jeans and a Tank Top – foreshadowing a future spent in front of the computer (circa 1980s)

Jeans and a Tank Top is a freelance copy writer and editor who has lived in San Diego, Cleveland, Tucson, Chicago and the Tampa Bay area. Previous careers included the telecommunication and legal fields, about neither of which was she able to become passionate. At home, with a new husband and a menagerie of animals (4 cats and a dog), she crafts, occasionally cooks, reads books and magazines, sings (incessantly) and works on this blog.

She is ardently devoted to her friends, enjoys wine and delicious food (preferably when with afore-mentioned friends), is encyclopedic in her knowledge of celebrity gossip and relationships, would always rather be on the beach or by/in the pool and watches way too much television.

And sometimes, she pretends she can speak French.

Merci! J’espère que vous apprécierez votre visite!

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