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“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”   – Bill Cosby

Creating and publishing blog posts are each, individually, much harder than I ever imagined they would be. Sometimes I wonder if I have assigned too narrow of a topic for my blog, or that I’ve chosen the wrong topic. Other times I chalk my lack of production up to standard writer’s block. When I’m feeling particularly prickly, I’ll blame my lack of posts on an apathetic society. Yes, there are days I am able to “rationalize” that my own inactivity is somehow caused by a temporary (and irrational) assumption of the general public. The truth is that no matter what tiny difficulties may crop up, the largest hurdle is overcoming my own fear of failure. What if no-one likes what I have to say? What if no-one even HEARS what I have to say? Fear can be paralyzing, and I regret to admit that I succumb to it on a regular basis. (How does it go? The first step is admitting you have a problem?)

The upside of recognizing my own setbacks is that I am then doubly impressed by the people that have succeeded where I have not (yet). So today, in an attempt to find inspiration, and also to honor those that blog freely and fearlessly, I present you with some Link Love…


The first one was an easy pick. Still Being [Molly] was something I stumbled upon when creating one of my very first posts. Yes, I went on about how great she – and her blog – were/are in that post, but it’s still true. The honesty in her posts is beyond refreshing, and her ability to create new, quality content on the daily baffles me (in an impressed way).

The blog from Sarah & Ben Photography shares gorgeous photos of beautiful weddings (they are photographers, after all), but it’s the personality that comes through in the accompanying text that makes me smile.

Back to fashion/style blogs, I’m a fan of Putting Me Together. I love Audrey’s personal style. Pretty sure that I’d wear every outfit she’s posted. I also love the layout and look of her blog. She makes looking good, and blogging about it, appear easy… and neither one is .

Check these blog(ger)s out and, if you agree with me on exactly how fabulous they are, let them know what a great job they’re doing. Trust me, they’ll appreciate it.


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