A blog revolution! Changes are coming!!!

It’s time for a change.

Despite my best intentions, I have been an inconsistent (and that’s being generous) blogger. ChangeClockWhile it would be easy to come up with an extensive list of explanations as to the lack of posts, most of those would truly be excuses. That said, one particular explanation may have a hint of truth to it. When I started this blog, I felt like it should have a focus. Or perhaps that I needed a focus. When I decided to write about all things wearable, it seemed like a fabulous idea. I have no shortage of opinions on what other people wear, from celebrities to strangers at the grocery store. Also, my wardrobe, and personal style, were in need of attention. I thought that the blog would be like research, homework… an investment into my own fashion.

Ah, homework. Perhaps that was the problem. Because sometimes coming up with a post that would fit within my predetermined theme seemed like homework. Also, if I hadn’t been working on my closet/wardrobe/personal style outside of the blog, I felt like I was already failing.

Starting a blog was truly supposed to be about writing, for me. I love to write and didn’t have an outlet for it. I thought a focused blog would focus my writing. Instead, I found myself inside a box that I’d built… and feeling trapped. Recently, I’ve done some research (i.e. used the Google) and learned more about different types of blogs. It seems like, generally, blogs without a particular slant/focus are considered “lifestyle” blogs. Not a fan of that label, my friends. Not at all. I have no interest in selling anyone on a lifestyle. I’m not even sure I have a lifestyle. No, I just want to write. And I want to write whatever is important, or interesting, or on my mind at that particular time.

So, research complete, I moved into brainstorming and collaboration (i.e. talked to my best friend, Katie). We decided that I would trot out a brand new type of blog – with no restrictions on content and an easy, free-flowing vibe, based on what I’m feeling from day to day. Yep. This is going to be a Day-to-Day blog (feel free to shorten that to D2D, but make sure you throw credit our way on either label).

I’m starting a blog revolution, people!


Look for more posts and some updates on the look of the blog (I’ve never found a background I liked, and the current version was simply a 2 a.m. cop-out so I could go to sleep). I’d love to get your feedback on the changes and even this announcement. What do you think??

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  • Adam Robinson
    November 25, 2013

    Love the idea and the motivation! Kill it. 🙂

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